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Thread: BORDER DEFENSE: America protects US-Mexico border with barbed wire and verbal warning

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    BORDER DEFENSE: America protects US-Mexico border with barbed wire and verbal warning

    BORDER DEFENSE: America protects US-Mexico border with barbed wire and verbal warnings

    Thursday, May 18, 2023 by: Kevin Hughes
    Tags: barbed wire, big government, border crossers, border security, CBP One, Customs and Border Protection, Illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, illegal immigration, invasion usa, migrants, national security, Open Borders, Title 42, verbal warnings

    (Natural News) Illegal aliens at the U.S.-Mexico border are being dissuaded from entering through verbal warnings and barbed wire set up by members of the Texas National Guard (TNG).
    A group of 15 border crossers were among those discouraged from stepping into the United States. They crossed a shallow river back to Mexico after waiting for hours on the American side of the border, with the expectation that Texas guardsmen would let them in. The group was among the first ones trying to enter the U.S. illegally after the Title 42 order ended on May 11.
    “Please go back to Mexico,” a guardsman told the group while they were at the north of the Rio Grande River that bisects El Paso in Texas and Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. Another guardsman warned immigrants that if they came closer to the U.S. border, they would be deported and banned from applying for five years.
    Meanwhile, two dozen National Guard troops immediately began stretching coils of barbed wire across the cement base of the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez bridge where the migrants had been. (Related: Sheriff Benny Martinez calls for US-Mexico border to be SHUT DOWN and SECURED – Brighteon.TV.)
    As the group of 15 would-be border crossers lumbered up the sandy, trash-cluttered riverbank into Mexico, a Guatemalan man said the TNG troops had been clear that “it’s not in the migrants’ best interest to be here.”
    Under the Title 42 policy, U.S. authorities could instantly drive away immigrants without giving them an opportunity to ask for asylum. The rule first announced by former President Donald Trump permitted instant deportations on the grounds of preventing the spread of communicable diseases, in this case the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).
    Mayorkas, Biden unaware of the real situation at the border

    But since Title 42’s expiry, there were already several occasions where U.S. authorities told illegal immigrants wanting to enter that they needed to book appointments through the American government’s CBP One app. These illegals included Venezuelans, Cubans, Colombians and Mexicans.
    In one instance, a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer told a Colombian family of six that came at a port of entry to El Paso, Texas that they should have an appointment. “There are a lot of people ahead of you; we can’t have you jump the line,” the officer said.
    CBP said it is currently giving priority to immigrants with appointments to simplify processing in the aftermath of Title 42’s expiration.
    Despite these, officials at the White House are unaware of the real extent of the situation at the border. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed on May 14 that the number of illegal aliens crossing the border dropped by half since the end of Title 42 compared to the days prior.
    According to Mayorkas, there were 6,300 border encounters on May 12 and 4,200 on May 13. He warned, however, that it is still early and these numbers could increase as the days pass. The homeland security secretary attributed this fall to criminal penalties for illegal immigrants that continued despite Title 42’s expiry.
    Meanwhile, President Joe Biden remarked that the border situation was “much better than you all expected.” He also reiterated that he has no plans to visit the border in the near future, apparently afraid of seeing firsthand the consequences of his open border policies.
    Watch this clip of illegal aliens at the southern border of Mexico attempting to break through the cordons of law enforcement.

    This video is from the Cynthia’s Pursuit of Truth channel on
    More related stories:

    Mexico-based cartels gearing up to flood America with up to one million illegal aliens after Biden opens the border by dropping Title 42.
    STAGING FOR THE INVASION: Migrants from around the world are FLYING to America’s southern border to enter illegally after Title 42 expires.
    PLANNED OCCUPATION: Biden regime ensuring that illegal migrants released into American interior will never come back for asylum hearing.
    El Paso mayor declares state of emergency as city braces for influx of illegal aliens once Title 42 expires.
    Sources include:

    BORDER DEFENSE: America protects US-Mexico border with barbed wire and verbal warnings –
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    Sonic booms, smoke, flashing lights.

    Make them scatter back.

    Put 5 more rows of concertina wire.


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