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    BREAKING: Senator Confirms Obama’s Released Terrorists Just Did the Unthinkable - VID

    BREAKING: Senator Confirms Obama’s Released Terrorists Just Did the Unthinkable [VIDEO]

    Sen. John McCain was recently interviewed by Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren about the current whereabouts of up to 30 recently released Gitmo detainees and his answer is absolutely terrifying, spelling bad news for America on the battlefield.

    Watch the latest video at

    Video also at the page link below

    Greta asked McCain about Qatar, the nation who agreed with the U.S. to “babysit” these dangerous terrorists when freed from Gitmo, similar to a parole officer checking on recently released convicts in the United States. McCain told Greta, “It just hasn’t worked out that way. Qatar in many ways is not the most reliable custodian of these people as you know.” (H/T FoxNewsInsider)
    Terrorists confined in Gitmo are often released in trades and deals with leaders of terror groups such as the Islamic State, the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The Obama administration has openly voiced their desire to shut Gitmo down as soon as they possibly can, which has undoubtedly lead to more prisoners being returned back to the “wild.” McCain added, “The eagerness with which this administration wants to get these people out of Guantanamo has clearly overridden good sense.
    McCain also pointed out an important and equally frightening consequence of Gitmo prisoners returning to the fight, saying that it’s likely they not only return with a hero’s welcome but are placed into leadership positions because “it’s a red badge of courage, it’s really a big deal that you were once in Guantanamo.” It works similar to the prestige that gang members in America experience after serving stretches of time in high profile prisons.

    According to statistics, Greta pointed out that at one time we had about 779 detainees at Gitmo and we’ve released 620, with 180 of those returning to the fight – and about 30 of those rejoining the ranks of the Islamic State. McCain pointed out that he doesn’t necessarily have a problem with releasing Gitmo inmates as long as the President has a plan for them, but that’s obviously not the case.
    This information only serves as more proof that Obama doesn’t seem to care about the lives of American men and women fighting terrorism day and night.
    Share this on Facebook and Twitter if you fear that the release of Gitmo prisoners is doing much more harm than good, and is a clear indication that Obama doesn’t care about our troops fighting overseas.
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    Obama Frees More Gitmo Prisoners

    NextNewsNetwork" height="48" width="48"> NextNewsNetwork

    Published on Nov 21, 2014
    President Obama isn’t just allowing immigrants to live in this country, but he IS releasing prisoners from another country: Cuba. Five prisoners jailed in Guantanamo Bay are now free to go home, after the Obama administration decided they are no longer a threat to the United States. Obama’s latest actions are drawing harsh criticism from top leaders in Congress. California Congressman and House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon says, “What the Obama administration is doing is dangerous and reckless.”

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    This is a very destructive man and we need to walk him and his helpers out of the big house that they have disgraced!!!!
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