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Thread: BREAKING: Texas Launches Emergency Plan to Shut Down the Border on Their Own

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    BREAKING: Texas Launches Emergency Plan to Shut Down the Border on Their Own

    Do you stand with Texas on this?

    BREAKING: Texas Launches Emergency Plan to Shut Down the Border on Their...

    State lawmakers in Texas are putting a plan in action to help secure the border...
    Conservative Tribune

    BREAKING: Texas Launches Emergency Plan to Shut Down the Border on Their Own

    Illegal immigration is a huge problem in the United States, and the federal government has dragged its feet on providing a real solution to end it.

    The number of illegal aliens that make their way into the country on a daily basis is astounding, however the real baffling part of the issue is not only the lack of border security, but the fact that many who are here illegally receive welfare benefits without contributing any tax dollars back into the system.

    The White House has made it clear they don’t plan on fixing the border, but are advocating amnesty instead. The Obama administration recently requested $1.9 billion in welfare benefits for illegals living in the country.

    It doesn’t take a genius to clearly see the political maneuvering here. Load up illegals with free goodies and you get lifetime voters. Never mind the fact we have veterans who’ve laid their life on the line for freedom, yet can’t get access to basic health care.

    Texas it seems has had enough of the lack of action taken by the federal government to secure the border and reduce the number of illegals making their way into America. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is putting a plan in motion to seal the border through law enforcement surge operations, opting to take matters into their own hands instead of waiting for Obama to do anything.
    via Breitbart:
    Texas Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, and Speaker Joe Straus today directed the Texas Dept. of Public Safety (DPS) to immediately begin law enforcement surge operations on the Texas/Mexico border. The DPS will attempt to combat the flood of illegal immigration into the state in the absence of adequate federal resources to secure the border. State leaders have authorized approximately $1.3 million per week to fund border security operations.

    State Representative Debbie Riddle (R-Tomball) told Breitbart Texas she spoke with Governor Rick Perry’s (R-TX) Office and they confirmed the surge to deal with the Texas border crisis is about to begin. Details are not available at this time, but Riddle said, “It is going to happen.”

    “They are gathering together everything they need to begin this right away,” Riddle said. She told Breitbart Texas that she could not divulge any information about exactly when, how long, and where the surge would be for reasons of operational security. She also could not disclose what the operational objectives would be at this time.
    Riddle said, “Governor Perry is very angry that the feds are doing nothing about this problem.” She went on to say, “I didn’t expect the feds to do anything.” Breitbart Texas reported on June 17 that Governor Perry expressed his frustration with the Obama Administration on Fox New’s Fox and Friends Show.
    It’s encouraging to see the state government in Texas taking initiative to deal with this problem on their own instead of waiting for Obama to step in and help, which is likely to never happen.

    Illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be resolved, and for the most part, this could be done by simply enforcing the laws we already have on the books. Something must be to stop people from coming here illegally as it’s a constant drain on the economy and takes jobs out of the hands of Americans who need them.

    Please share this article on Facebook and Twitter if you support Gov. Rick Perry’s plan to use surge operations to seal the border.

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    In the past a surge would prevent people that didn't want to get caught from entering illegally.

    These people entering now want to get caught.
    The more agents on the border the less they have to walk to find someone to turn themselves over to.
    Then they get a free ride to the shelter, 3 meals and a hot shower each day
    and free phone calls to set up their trip to their new homes.

    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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