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Thread: BREAKING: Trump Confirms The 1 Name On VP Shortlist That Conservatives LOVE

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    Post BREAKING: Trump Confirms The 1 Name On VP Shortlist That Conservatives LOVE

    In an appearance on Fox News Friday morning, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump confirmed that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was on his shortlist for running mate. Trump made the announcement on “Fox & Friends,” just before an appearance by Gingrich.

    “Newt Gingrich is coming up in about an hour, should we tell him he’s on the shortlist for vice president?” host Brian Kilmeade asked Trump.

    “Sure, why not? He’s a great guy, you might as well,” Trump responded.

    “By the way, who else is on that shortlist?” co-host Steve Doocy then asked.

    “Well, I’d like to tell you. You know what, Newt is such a great guy. He’s been such a great supporter and … he’s a fantastic historian,” Trump said.

    “But he actually said that nothing like this has ever happened in the history of our country. It’s one of the great phenomenons of all time. I was watching him and I said, ‘really,’ it’s pretty exciting. He’s a tremendous guy.”

    Doocy then tried to get him to confirm that Gingrich was on the shortlist.

    “Absolutely,” Trump said. “I’ll say yes because he’s been such a supporter. Anybody that supports me is on the shortlist as far as I’m concerned.”

    The comments about Trump’s VP “shortlist” begin around the 8:40 mark in the video below, but the entire interview is worth hearing:

    Gingrich, a former representative from Georgia, was speaker of the House from 1995 to 1999. One of the architects of the Contract With America, Gingrich helped shepherd entitlement reform and budget cuts through
    Congress, in spite of the impediment of a Democrat president.

    After leaving Congress, Gingrich ran for president in 2012, losing to eventual nominee Mitt Romney. Perhaps notable is the fact that billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who has been reported to be donating up to $100 million to Donald Trump’s campaign, was a financial backer of Gingrich’s 2012 run.

    Trump has said that he wants someone who can help him work with Congress. In that respect, there’s nobody better than Newt Gingrich — and his name on the shortlist has conservatives everywhere cheering.

    H/T The Daily Caller

    By: Wilmot Proviso on May 21, 2016 at 4:35am

    BREAKING: Trump Confirms The 1 Name On VP Shortlist That Conservatives LOVE

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    Since Senator Bob Corker met with Trump the other day, I have been scared shitless that Trump might consider him as VP.

    I am from Tennessee. Bob Corker is a mega RINO. In June of 2013 he played a critical role in getting the infamous mass amnesty bill, S744 passed in the senate. Fortunately it was defeated in the House.

    PATRIOTS I IMPLORE YOU SCREAM LOUD AND CLEAR TO THE GOP and the Trump campaign: NO DAMN CORKER. He is a miserable piece of garbage and is sure to strain the loyalty of Trump people in Tennessee which will be an easy win state for him, if he does not screw it up with Corker as VP.

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    Gingrich would be a more suitable fit based on what Trump is seeking in a VP. I believe Corker was more of a face to face to discuss foreign policy and an opportunity to fill Trump in and see if he might fit into a role in the administration in foreign policy only. Regardless of Corkers RINO status, he has been a backer of Trump and more than likely has and will enlighten Trump on the current relations with countries like Russia and China that will more than likely be a part of the debate moving forward.

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    I have to agree with you. I hope he won't choose corker. Mainly because he has a D grade from NumbersUSA. If he chooses him, I worry he might lose to Hillary because of it. I still say I'd like to see him choose a woman with an A grade, such as Deb Fischer or Marsha Blackburn(woman VP to take away the effectiveness of anti-woman ads Hillary plans to unload on Trump). Or someone like Governor Mary Fallin would be a better choice than Corker, too. I think his VP pick could make or break him in this election. I just hope and pray he doesn't choose some rino or establishment insider(republican in name only for the few who don't know what that means)like corker as his vp pick. If he does choose a vp like that, I worry if he becomes president, they might get rid of him like jfk and then his vp will become president and things will be as bad as if Jeb Bush had become president. He needs a vp who agrees with him on the issues, or be even better than him on the issues, so hopefully they will decide against taking him out. And he needs to remove Ryan as speaker asap and choose a new speaker of the house such as Lou Barletta or Walter Jones, so that if they had both Trump and his vp taken out at the same time, the speaker of the house would pick up where Trump left off. I just hope they won't stoop to that level to stop Trump.
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    I'm not a big fan of Gingrich, but he is acceptable for me as a Trump VP choice.
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    Newt Gingrich on Immigration

    Newt side-by-side against Romney, Paul & Santorum. (Mar 2012)

    By 2014, finish job of constructing a double border fence. (Feb 2012)

    Use American Express & Visa to verify immigration laws. (Jan 2012)

    Romney's "self-deportation" is an Obama-level fantasy. (Jan 2012)

    Not speaking English traps people into not getting jobs. (Jan 2012)

    Santorum's immigration stances compared to Newt's. (Jan 2012)

    Review all illegal aliens & if you have no ties, go home. (Nov 2011)

    Illegal aliens born in the US should not be deported. (Nov 2011)

    Sue the federal government for every cent spent on illegals. (Nov 2011)

    Employers should use e-verify for all hires. (Sep 2011)

    Require official English plus American history. (Sep 2011)

    I voted for Reagan's legal guest worker program. (Sep 2011)

    Citizen Boards to decide which immigrants stay and go. (Aug 2011)

    Use National Guard on US-Mexican border. (Jun 2011)

    Deport 55,000 illegal aliens with multiple arrest records. (Dec 2007)

    Elite immigration solution incompatible with American values. (Dec 2007)

    Lax border security lets in terrorists. (Dec 2007)

    Immigrants must learn key values of American history. (Dec 2006)

    Make it harder to sneak in, but easier for guest workers. (Dec 2006)

    1989: Let Tiananmen students overstay visas. (Jun 1995)

    Irish and Chinese immigrants overcame bigotry; so can blacks. (Jun 1995)

    No welfare for non-citizens. (Dec 1994)
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    From what JohnDoe posted, seems like Newt leans toward amnesty for some illegals.

    • Review all illegal aliens & if you have no ties, go home. (Nov 2011)

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    Looks like Gingrich has a similar overall grade(D) to Corker based on his grade from NumbersUSA

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