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    Brewster, NY Town Hall Meeting

    Brewster Town Hall meeting tonight Thursday Jan 18, 2007 Forum Index ->
    Issues in the Lower Hudson Valley
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    Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 11:09 pm Post subject: Brewster Town Hall meeting tonight Thursday Jan 18, 2007


    Brewster library was packed. Overflowed into adjacent rooms and standing room only. Excellent attendance and very intense interest and commentary by numerous speakers.

    This was organized by Assemblyman Greg Ball. Very rousing. Excellent crowd participation, impassioned, from the heart, vital issues from concerned citizens who are understandably alarmed about the desecration of their Village.

    A Journal News reporter was said to be present. We'll see the coverage tomorrow.
    Bill Tibbe

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    That's great news Tib!

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    News coverage

    Much progress in one year. Brewster is really hot and going.

    Residents pack illegal immigration forum

    Have your say

    How much of an impact do you think Greg Ball will have on the illegal immigration debate locally? Visit the "Issues in the Lower Hudson Valley" forum at

    (Original publication: January 19, 2007)

    BREWSTER - Many of the speakers at last night's forum on illegal immigration organized by state Assemblyman Greg Ball, R-Carmel, lamented the federal government's apparent lack of effort securing the country's borders.

    One speaker, who identified himself as a Yonkers firefighter, told Ball and elected officials from Brewster and Southeast they needed to act now to curb the effects of illegal immigration. Otherwise, he said, "Your town will soon look like Yonkers."

    He was among at least 90 people crammed into the Brewster Library's main reading room and spilling out into the foyer near the circulation desk who came to hear elected leaders and their neighbors discuss the area's illegal immigrant population.

    Two local judges described their constraints in dealing with illegal immigrants in their courtrooms. Neighbors suggested cracking down on those who rent apartments to tenants who may be here illegally and others asked the village and town governments how they were handling the situation.

    Immigration enforcement is a matter that has divided Congress and touched other Lower Hudson Valley communities. Last night, Ball brought the discussion to Brewster's Main Street. But, said Bill Lawrence, illegal immigration and its problems are not something to be dealt with tomorrow.

    "It's not the future," said Lawrence, a 28-year town resident. "It's already happened. Nobody shops in Brewster anymore. Every viable business has closed down."

    Possibly hundreds of mostly Guatemalan men gather in Brewster during the warmer months and wait for contractors to pick them up. The library isn't far from many of the spots where day laborers wait for work. Last summer, Ball videotaped the practice in an effort to stop it.

    Ball took office earlier this month. During his campaigns - against former Assemblyman Willis Stephens in the Republican primary and Democrat Ken Harper in the general election, Ball made curbing illegal immigration part of his platform.

    He proposed requiring illegal immigrants to obtain tax identification numbers so they could pay taxes - helping to pay for the social services they use - and penalizing contractors who hire workers without numbers.

    "If we wait for the president to take action, if we wait for Congress to take action, we are going to be waiting a very, very long time," Ball told the crowd inside the library.

    Last night's meeting followed the arrests of several men in Brewster late last year, who, in addition to being charged with drug activities or second-degree murder, were believed to be here illegally and also held on immigration warrants. Some residents mentioned these incidents.

    Town Councilwoman Lorraine Mitts said the Town Board has asked the Putnam County Sheriff's Department to participate in a federal program where some deputies could train as immigration officers.

    "It's a way for (the Department of) Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to multiply their forces," Mitts said.

    Both Brewster Mayor John Degnan and Mitts mentioned each municipality's crackdown on housing code violations in an effort to control illegal immigrants.

    Speakers were still questioning elected officials at press time last night. During the evening, Ball promised to hold similar sessions.

    Reach Michael Risinit at or 845-228-2274.

    Bill Tibbe

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