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    A CA Refugee Says Illegal Aliens “Squeezedâ€

    A California Refugee Says Illegal Aliens “Squeezedâ€
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    Guzzardi’s California experiences mirror mine.

    I lived all over California for 40 years. But I moved from my beloved state in 2002 because I felt squeezed out by the constant flow of illegals. Although I had a bachelor’s degree in social services, I couldn’t get a job because I didn’t speak Spanish.

    In 2001, the last time I attended the Monterey County Fair, the Mexican flag flew above the American flag. I asked an official why that was permitted. She replied matter-of-factly that California belonged to Mexico because the United States stole it. She added that Mexico is gradually reclaiming California by becoming the demographic majority.
    As a life-long resident of California, this sounds very familiar!!!
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    Illegals have ruined the state of California as more and more businesses cater only to them. AT & T has stores that cater only to illegal aliens. When you walk into their stores, you have to search around to find anything written in English. All their demo phones are set in Spanish. When my family went into one of our local AT & T stores recently, we were treated like foreigners in our own home town by the employees of that store. They wouldn't wait on us immediately, blatantly going over and around us to answer questions from their Spanish speaking clientele first, no matter that they entered the premises AFTER us. When one finally did wait on us, he was nothing but arrogant and condescending.

    After realizing that the demo phones were all set to Spanish, we asked for brochures to take take home to look at since there wasn't anything in the store that we could check out and the clerk handed us brochures in Spanish. I was appalled...I said. "Don't you have any printed in English?"

    He smirked and said, "Look around, everyone in here is Latino...THIS IS A LATINO STORE! We're now 50% of the population in this town, CRAZY, HUH?" Then proceeded to laugh in my face and said, we don't have any brochures written in English!" Those were his words, VERBATIM!

    I went home and called the customer complaint line at AT & T. They said they would check out my complaint, but in the same breath also said that they cater "TO THE DEMOGRAPHICS!" I said the only people who don't speak English in this town are illegal aliens and if AT & T is catering to that population, then they are guilty of aiding and abetting criminals in my hometown. The person I was speaking to just basically told me to upgrade and order my new phones online. an American, I cannot walk into an AT & T store in my community to get the service I deserve and need, due to their love affair with illegal aliens and illegal immmigration. I am forced to go somewhere else! Soon there won't be anywhere else to go to in California.

    I spoke with a supervisor at AT & T and found him to be just as smug and arrogant as the salesperson in the store with a real contempt for this country, OUR language and OUR people. He just basically let me know that they condone the behavior of the salesperson at our local AT & T outlet and intend to do nothing about it to change it.

    I have since found out that the guy that owns the store is Middle Eastern and could care less about making his store "AMERICAN FRIENDLY." He's aiding and abetting illegals and their illegal invasion into California because OUR sovereignty, our culture and OUR LANGUAGE means NOTHING TO HIM!!

    Needless to say, my family will no longer do any business with AT & T! They need to change their name to MT & T!
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