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    CA- S.F Rolls out wecome mat for Illegal alien felons

    San Francisco has just decided that they will no longer cooperate with the feds when they arrest juveniles who commit felonies. This is being done in the spirit of their Sanctuary law. Sanctuary for violent law breakers, that is. San Francisco has always welcomed illegal aliens and provided them every service imaginable while thumbing their noses at the feds.

    President Obama and his lame side-kick, otherwise know as Attorney General Eric Holder recently prosecuted the State of Arizona because Arizona had passed a law, with wording mimicking the federal statutes, to enforce immigration laws. Holder claimed the state was precluded from passing these type of laws as the state was “pre-emptedâ€

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    "Ruby Ridge"
    When Obama said"change you can believe in" He did mean that , Oh it's changed alright ,but definately not for the better! Come on GOP and stand up, and we will stand behind you!!!!

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