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    Californians increasingly dissatisfied with their own congress member

    AM Alert: Californians increasingly dissatisfied with their own congress member

    BY ALEXEI KOSEFF September 15, 2014 Updated 2 hours ago

    Already sour on Congress, California voters now having a dimming view of their own House representative as well.

    J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE — The Associated Press

    As voters across the country have for years, Californians harbor an overwhelmingly negative view of Congress. But a new Field Poll reveals that voters have also begun to sour on their own House representatives, who were largely buttressed against Congress’ dismal approval ratings until now.

    Three-quarters of California voters disapprove of Congress’ job performance, compared to only 13 percent who approve, according to the latest poll, a low mark that has stayed fairly consistent since early 2010.

    However, voters’ opinions of their own representative have dropped dramatically this year, to 36 percent approval and 40 percent disapproval. That’s a sharp 15-point swing from April, when 44 percent of voters approved of their representative and 33 percent disapproved.

    Sinking popularity could spell trouble for several California Democrats who are facing tough re-election battles this fall.

    Christopher Cadelago has more on those races in today’s paper.

    Here are the statistical tabulations prepared exclusively for Capitol Alert, as well as the publicly released results from the poll.
    Read more here:

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    Interesting, but it begs the question, why do the disapprove?

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    They elect them then complain when they are found to be professional politicians and liars.

    Wright is one of several Democrats in the Golden State to face serious criminal charges. Senator Leland Yee was suspended after his indictment on racketeering, wire fraud, and conspiracy charges and Democrat Ron Calderon is fighting a litany of charges, including two dozen counts of bribery and fraud.

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