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Thread: CASE CLOSED! FOX News shows Gateway Pundit Video of Michelle Fields #Grabgate Hoax

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    CASE CLOSED! FOX News shows Gateway Pundit Video of Michelle Fields #Grabgate Hoax

    CASE CLOSED! FOX News shows Gateway Pundit Video of Michelle Fields #Grabgate Hoax

    Jim Hoft
    Mar 14th, 2016 5:50 pm
    Case Closed!
    FOX News aired a follow-up segment on the Michelle Fields media hoax leveled against Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski tonight on Special Report.

    In the segment FOX played video previously posted at The Gateway Pundit that shows Corey Lewandowski walking past anti-Trump reporter Michelle Fields.

    In the video Fields does not flinch. Her facial expression does not change. This proves that what Michelle Fields has been telling the media was fabricated.

    Thank you FOX News and Howie Kurtz for showing the truth!

    Maybe now the dishonest Cruz supporters and Cruzer media will quit spreading this lie.
    The case is closed, folks.

    As former police officer John Cardillo said: No honest cop or district attorney would give this case a second glance.

    Via Special Report:

    FOR THE RECORD: I spoke with Corey Lewandowski on Friday in St. Louis. I’d caution the anti-Trump crowd from pushing this story further.

    John Cardillo ‎@johncardillo

    Very disappointing that #Cruz, #Kasich, and #Rubio are still spewing GOPe talking points in sync. Now it's "We'd have fired Lewandowski."
    4:01 PM - 14 Mar 2016 · Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

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    Breitbart is lucky she left.
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    Yes, this is very disturbing. Michelle Fields and Shapiro are both clearly in the wrong on this.

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    She actually invokes her father's death as a worst experience since then......
    guess she actually hurt herself to have false evidence too.

    Mr Trump is right @ the lowness of the media.
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