Published 4 mins ago

Herschel Walker claims China is helping fund BLM which then donates to Democrats

He noted that Black Lives Matter’s founders said they were trained by Marxists

By Bradford Betz | Fox News

Former NFL Player Herschel Walker on Monday claimed that money from China is supposedly funding the Black Lives Matter organization and that money is then donated to the Democratic Party.

The claims from Walker came in a video he posted on Twitter, writing in the caption that the 2020 presidential election was the most important in history, not just for the President of the United States “but for all branches of Gov’t.”

“I just saw the Democratic Party raise a lot of money and a lot of it came from ActBlue,” Walker says in the video, referring to the online fundraising payment professor that facilitates donations to Democratic and left-leaning organizations.

Walker then notes that Black Lives Matter – which was founded by people “trained from Marxists – “gave a lot of money to ActBlue.”

“I reckon you can support whatever party you want to support. If the Democratic Party wants to be associated with Marxists, that’s fine,” Walker says.

“But then I also saw that BLM had a subsidiary company that was partnered with a company from China that was giving them money. So, the money goes from China, to the subsidiary, to BLM, to the Democratic Party,” Walker says, adding: “Why does it seem like I’m the only that’s coming up with this? Just think about it.”


ActBlue is an online payment processor used by many groups affiliated with the Democratic Party. WinRed, launched last year, is an equivalent processing company for the Republican Party.

It wasn’t immediately clear what BLM “subsidiary” Walker was referring to. But his comments come less than a week after an article from The Daily Signal, the blog of the Heritage Foundation, titled: “The BLM Co-Founder and Pro-Communist China Group Are Partnering Up. Here’s Why.”

The piece purported to show a link between an organization started by BLM co-founder Alicia Garza, and a non-profit with ties to Beijing. A day later, The New York Times reported that the article conflated two nonprofits with the same name and made incorrect claims about BLM’s ties to the Chinese government.