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Thread: Chuck Edwards sponsors another bill to force NC sheriffs to assist ICE

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    Chuck Edwards sponsors another bill to force NC sheriffs to assist ICE

    Chuck Edwards sponsors another bill to force NC sheriffs to assist ICE

    Gary D. Robertson
    Associated Press

    RALEIGH - North Carolina Republicans are again pressing legislation to force county sheriffs to recognize requests of federal immigration agents who believe a defendant is in the country illegally. But the odds for enactment likely remain the same as in 2019, when Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper successfully blocked a similar measure.

    A majority on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted March 9 for the GOP bill, which largely follows a measure from two years ago waylaid when Cooper vetoed it. The bills are a response to African American Democratic sheriffs in several urban counties who made clear they wouldn't work closely with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, unlike predecessors.
    Buncombe County Sheriff Quentin Miller was one of those who opposed immigration holds. Miller, the county's first Black sheriff, announced in February 2019 that his office would no longer honor ICE detainers — holds placed on inmates who federal immigration officials suspect are in the country illegally.

    "The sheriff's office will continue to comply with all applicable state and federal laws, however, we do not make or enforce immigration laws; that is not part of our law enforcement duties," Miller said.
    "It is vital that members of our immigrant community can call the sheriff's office without fear when they are in need of assistance from law enforcement."
    Republican Sen. Chuck Edwards of Henderson County is a co-sponsor of the new bill.

    "We are a law-abiding society," Edwards said after the committee vote. "And I believe that our citizens are dependent and would insist that various law enforcement agencies cooperate together to be sure that our laws and are observed and that criminals are brought to justice."
    The bill, which now goes to another committee, mandates sheriffs and other jail administrators to check the immigration status of every person accused of felony drug or violent crimes, and retain any defendant subject to ICE detainers seeking their custody. ICE agents have 48 hours to collect those inmates, or they can otherwise be released under any bond they receive.
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    We need a federal law that mandates all state and local law enforcement agencies to notify ICE when a suspected illegal alien is picked up for any crime! Furthermore, ICE needs to be authorized and required to pick up each and every illegal they receive notification on within 48-72 hours. Since the holding agencies will cry and claim a financial loss, funds need to be allocated to the federal government to pay the cost of holding the illegal until he (or she) can be picked up. I can certainly think of a lot worse things our taxpayer dollars could be spent on! Such a requirement has to come from our U.S. Congress so local and state law enforcement has no choice but to comply.

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