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    Civil disorder/civil unrest
    You should also know that there is considerable momentum within the Hispanic community that truly desires to create civil unrest in America. Such people not only desire to cripple American society, they desire to reclaim vast parts of America's Southwest for Mexico. The American people may not realize it, but these people have already declared war on us. (If you doubt this, go see for yourself:

    Civil disorder
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    Civil disorder is a broad term that is typically used by law enforcement to describe one or more forms of disturbance caused by a group of people. Civil disturbance is typically a symptom of, and a form of protest against, major socio-political problems. Typically, the severity of the action coincides with public outrage. Examples of civil disorder include, but are not necessarily limited to: illegal parades; sit-ins and other forms of obstructions; riots; sabotage; and other forms of crime. It is intended to be a demonstration to the public and the government, but can escalate into general chaos.

    Frequently, participants in a civil disorder are not in agreement about appropriate behavior. As was the case in the WTO Meeting of 1999, a vast majority of protesters were peaceful, and a small, highly visible minority were responsible for a vast majority of damage.

    Any civil disorder is a delicate balance of power, and indeed, a political power struggle of some sort is typically the root cause of any such conflict. Often, public demonstrations are viewed as the last resort of political organizations. If the power equation in a civil disorder becomes unbalanced, the result is either oppression or riot. Police brutality is a frequent result of civil disorder, while at other times, civil disorder may develop as a result of police brutality.

    Citizens not directly involved in a civil disorder may have their lives significantly disrupted. Their ability to work, enjoy recreation and in some cases, obtain necessities may be jeopardized. Disruption of intrastructure may occur during very severe events. Public utilities such as water, fuel and electricity may be temporarily unavailable, as well as public infrastructure for communication.

    Occasionally, the disruption of such services may be the original cause of the disorder. More frequently, the cause of such issues is related to economic stagnation, severe inflation, devaluation of currency, severe unemployment, oppression, political scandal, or, in some countries, sporting events.

    Civil disobedience
    Civil disobedience encompasses the active refusal to obey certain laws, demands and commands of a government or of an occupying power without resorting to physical violence.

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    This website has been taken down.

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    If they want to bring down the country please have them call me first. I have a plan
    <div>"You know your country is dying when you have to make a distinction between what is moral and ethical, and what is legal." -- John De Armond</div>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jezzabell
    This website has been taken down.
    True, but if you peel back the URL to you get into the portal for another interesting site. The call to get rid of our Los Angeles Mayor who has a very shady past. He's definately part of the problem and another prime candidate for impeachment.
    “Homeland Security? What Homeland Security ?”

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