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    Closer to NAU:Transplace Announces Mexican Subsidiary

    Transplace Announces Mexican Subsidiary

    Transplace has launched a new subsidiary in Mexico to allow it to offer seamless service offerings on both sides of the border.
    Using Transplace's network of core carriers, cutting edge technology platform and human capital, Transplace Mexico will be able to provide customers with a highly integrated and transparent service offering.
    Transplace Mexico will "play a strategic role in … demystifying freight movements at the border," says Kevin Higgins, vice president of International Services for Transplace.
    Transplace Mexico will be co-managed Troy Ryley and Jose Minarro, who have a combined 30 years of management experience of operating third party logistics services providers in the Mexico region.
    Transplace Mexico service offerings will include transportation management systems, freight brokerage, U.S. Customs brokerage, Mexican Customs brokerage, border processing, warehousing and distribution, ocean forwarding and airfreight services. ... egory_id=2

    Symposium coming up; now I wonder what they will be discussing there?


    Welcome to the 2008 Shipper Symposium! Whether this is your first year or your sixth to join us, we’re pleased to have you as part of the event. Transplace is taking the show on the road this year and we invite you to join us in beautiful Rogers, Arkansas. Our host venue from April 22 to 24, 2008 will be the John Q. Hammons Center. Hotel accommodations will be available for a discounted rate at the adjacent Embassy Suites. Click here for more information on both of these properties.

    **agenda subject to change**
    Day 1: Tuesday, April 22, 2008
    Time Session
    6:30 am - 7:45 am Breakfast at the Embassy Suites
    6:00 am - 4:30 pm Registration Desk Open
    7:50 am - 9:00 am What a Life: Family, Community and the Race Track
    9:00 am - 11:15 am The New Way of Life: A Multi-Modal Supply Chain
    11:15 am - 11:30 am Break
    11:30 am - 12:15 pm Sustainability Research Findings
    12:15 pm - 1:00 pm Lunch featuring: Welcome to Rogers, Northwest Arkansas 101
    1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Sustainability and Growth in the Supply Chain
    1:45 pm - 2:30 pm Mini Session 1
    - Using Flatworld Techniques to Enhance Operational Efficiency
    - Transplace Implementation Improvement
    - Change Management: Scaling an Enterprise Supply Chain Transformation
    2:30 pm - 3:30 pm The End of Cheap Oil: Are You Ready?
    3:30 pm - 3:45 pm Break
    3:45 pm - 4:30 pm Changing the Future – One Truck at a Time
    4:30 pm - 5:15 pm Lessons From a Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Carbon Removal
    5:15 pm - 6:00 pm

    Energy and Carbon Efficient Supply Chains
    6:00 pm - 6:45 pm Cocktail Hour
    Back to the topBack to the top
    Day 2: Wednesday, April 23, 2008
    Time Session
    7:00am - 7:45am Golf Registration and Breakfast
    8:00am - 3:15pm Sessions for the SCMRC 2008 Conference
    7:30am - 7:45am Travel to the Shadow Valley Country Club
    7:45am - 8:30am Warm-up at Golf Course
    8:30am - 1:00pm Tournament at Shadow Valley Country Club
    1:00pm - 2:15pm Awards & Lunch at Shadow Valley Country Club
    2:15pm - 2:30pm Return to Embassy Suites
    10:00am - 4:30pm Registration Desk Open
    3:00pm - 4:00pm Transplace and Industry Update
    4:00pm - 5:00pm TBA
    5:00pm - 5:15pm Evening Kick-Off and Introduction of Charity: Victory Junction Gang Camp
    5:15pm - 6:00pm Cocktail Hour Featuring the Arkansas Youth Orchestra
    6:00pm - 9:30pm Dinner and Charity raffle benefitting Victory Junction Gang Camp
    Back to the topBack to the top
    Day 3: Thursday, April 24, 2008
    Time Session
    6:30 am - 7:45 am Breakfast at the Embassy Suites
    7:00 am - 1:00 pm Registration Desk Open
    8:00 am - 8:30 am Transplace International Update
    8:30 am - 9:30 am Environmental Issues in the Private Fleet Marketplace
    9:30 am - 10:30 am Infrastructure Issues Affecting the Supply Chain
    10:30 am - 10:45 am Break
    10:45 am - 11:30 am Mini Session 1
    - From Strategy to Execution in Three Months: A Sunny Delight/Transplace Case Study
    - Infrastructure: Perspectives on the Current State and Path Forward
    - Log-Net Demonstration
    11:30 am - 12:15 pm Lunch with book signing by Nick LaHowchic
    12:15 pm - 1:00 pm Weathering the Storm: Managing Transportation in the Downturned North American Housing Market
    1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Mexico International Trade Highlights
    1:45 pm - 2:00 pm Break
    2:00pm - 2:45pm Mini Session 2
    - Managing Complexity and Change in the Food Industry: A Del Monte Success Story
    - Private Equity, Low Cost Capital
    - SmartWay: Transportation’s Greener Future
    2:45pm - 3:30pm Leading Responsive Supply Chain Transformation

    Note the presence of WAL-MART!

    What: The 2008 University of Arkansas Supply Chain Center Conference
    Where: Embassy Suites Hotel in Rogers, Arkansas
    When: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 from 8:00am-3:15pm
    Theme: Sourcing and New Market Development in the Global Supply Chain
    Global supply chain practitioners have focused considerable efforts in past years on importing to keep their supply lines open, active and secure. Now those same retailers, consumer product goods companies and their 3PL and transportation partners are focused on developing new markets on virtually every continent. They know firsthand what happens when one attempts to take American best practices to other countries of the world without first learning individual country market and logistical needs. So what works? What lessons did they learn? How do they take these valuable lessons into other new markets and build responsive global supply chains? Plan to join Mark Holloway, Vice President Customer Service & Logistics Excellence from Unilever Thailand, Jeff Langenfeld Vice President of Merchandise Replenishment at Wal-Mart and a host of speakers as we explore Sourcing and New Market Developments in the Global Supply Chain. More Information and Registration available at

    Presented jointly by
    The University of Arkansas Supply Chain Management Research Center
    and the Ozark Roundtable of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
    With Facility Host Transplace

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008 from 8:00am-3:15pm
    at the Embassy Suites Hotel
    in Rogers, Arkansas

    7:30-8:00am Continental Breakfast

    8:00-8:30am Welcoming and Opening Remarks...
    Dean Dan Worrell (PhD), Sam M. Walton College of Business

    8:30-9:30am Morning Keynote Speaker
    Mark Holloway, Vice President Customer Service & Logistics Excellence, Unilever

    9:30-10:00am Morning Break

    10:00am-11:30am Supply Chain Strategies for New & Evolving Market Development
    Moderator: Bill Shotwell, Director Global Supply Chain, Nestle-USA.

    * Thep Ung, Nestle-Purina
    * Andres Lopez, Director Customer Logistics, Johnson and Johnson
    * Juan Carlos Parada, Director Customer Logistics Procter & Gamble
    * Ray Sender, Kimberly-Clark

    11:30am-12:30pm Lunch

    12:30-1:30pm Afternoon Keynote Speaker
    Jeff Langenfeld Vice President of Merchandise Replenishment, Wal-Mart

    1:30-1:50pm Afternoon Break

    1:50-3:15pm Third Party Logistics Providers: A Strategy for New Markets
    Moderator: Ken Boyd, Director Global Supply Chain Development, Kimberly-Clark

    * Dan Walls, Sr. Vice President Ocean Services from Expeditors
    * Mr. Jeremy Haycock, President of APM Global Logistics USA Inc. (Maersk),
    * Bill Goodgion, Managing Director North American Transportation & Distribution Services at FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage, Inc.
    * Kevin Higgins, Vice President International Logistics, Transplace
    * Rob Kusiciel, Vice President Logistics, Wal-Mart

    The University of Arkansas Supply Chain Management Research Center

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    I have read internal documents from various corporations that are involved in/with "SPP/NAU" related projects and plans. These all were obtained through/by the open records act. It is absolutely breathtaking how utterly shallow and callous these people are. It is pure business to them. Nothing more,nothing less. The American people,as a nation and a culture are wholly and utterly irrelevant and rarely mentioned in these communiques. If they are, it is to reitterate how they will have to work around the legislative in order to accomplish their goals. They speak,in these memos about this, as if they're talking about any commodity,like they're selling cogs or watermelons. Our history,our future,our culture,our heritage,all of it. Nothing but profit,at any cost. These are our opponents in this cold war for the very heart of our great country and the future of our children. God bless you. Pray for our country as we are up against very powerful forces.

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    A Catholic bus driver whom I have long known and supports my public protests for Ramos and Compean, told me that the NAU and SPP snakes act as they do because they have NO shame because they have NO principles such as DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY!

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    Once again the elitist politicians and their elitist contributors consider United States citizens only as “units of labor

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