Congressman Drafts Legislation to Defend Border With National Guard

Posted on 18 June, 2014 by Rick Wells

The need has never been more critical or more urgent. Our border and national security has never been in greater danger.
Recognizing that reality, Arizona Republican Rep. Dave Schweikert has introduced legislation and sent a letter in an effort to correct the problem.

The letter, sent to the occupant of the White House, demands that the national guard be deployed to American states bordering Mexico in order to stem the tide of illegals invading our nation. The severity of the situation has been made particularly critical by the recent overwhelming inundation of illegal alien children.
Schweikert places the blame where it clearly belongs, saying, “Thanks to your Administration’s failure to enforce United States immigration law” and goes on to detail the dire circumstances Obama has created.
The children are providing a diversion which is resulting not only in their skyrocketing numbers, but an escalation in the number of dangerous aliens who are able to enter as a result of the subsequently inadequate staffing to intercept them.
Schweikert’s bill, which he introduced on Tuesday, calls for a minimum of 10,000 members of the National Guard to be available to be deployed at the request of any governor of a state that shares a border with Mexico.
Guard members would act in a supporting role, assisting the border agents in their efforts. Schweikert said, “The Southwest Border Protection Act of 2014 would assist in refocusing our border security programs and secure DHS and CBP’s focus on illegal smuggling of drugs, individuals, and other transnational criminal activities.”
While Obama declared the invasion an “urgent humanitarian situation,” he has done nothing other than to request money to house, feed and care for the illegals coming through. Finally, with this bill, a measure to force the executive branch into doing its job is going to be debated and hopefully passed.
While Hussein Obama’s globalist view may not permit him to see this invasion as anything other than a humanitarian issue, thankfully there are those such as Rep Schweikert who are capable of comprehending the larger, more ominous consequences

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