Congressman Lamar Smith on Lawless Obama Administration: ‘I Can’t Wait to Hold it Responsible’

April 13, 2014
By Matthew Burke

Congressman Lamar Smith (TX-21) had a hard-hitting interview with TPNN’s “Voice of Reason,” Tim Constantine (Listen to Full Interview Below), discussing a variety of important subjects important to our nation. Tim got Congressman Smith’s perspective on immigration reform, amnesty, EPA overreach, and the Obama administration’s disregard for the Rule of Law.

The Congressman from Texas tells Tim that he can’t wait to hold the Obama administration responsible for their numerous acts of lawlessness. Could Rep. Smith be hinting at impeachment if the GOP overtakes the Senate?


“We’re going to do everything we can to prevent amnesty from occurring, but you have to sleep with both eyes open, because we know there are some members, and certainly the administration and others who will use any opening they get to pass some kind of an amnesty program.”

Congressman Smith explains to Tim an example of an “opening” is the upcoming vote on the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), in which a lot of members of Congress are prepared to slip-in an amendment, which Smith calls, “Amnesty for Anybody in the Country Illegally Who Joins the Military.”

“If you can actually comprehend letting individuals with no allegiance to our country whatsoever, they’re here illegally, they’ve violated our laws, and suddenly we let them put on the uniform of the United States of America, they’re automatically legalized and then five years later on their way to becoming a citizen and voting. If you can imagine the world turned upside down, but that’s what a lot of people want to do make sure it doesn’t happen.”


“The reason is frankly the liberal Democrats know that is a huge bucket of votes for them when these folks become citizens. We’re never going to outbid Democrats in providing and promising benefits to people in the country illegally. They know it and we know it. This whole idea why we shouldn’t secure the border first, that we should just hand out amnesty, does nothing more than encourage more illegal immigration. That’s why I started the Border Security Caucus in Congress a couple of weeks ago. We need to secure the border first before we do anything else.”


“The Environmental Protection Agency puts out regulations that cost citizens of American and business owners tens and tens of billions of dollars every year, and so we said to the EPA, ‘You ought to make the data that you use to justify these regulations public, so it can be reviewed independently, so members of Congress can take a look at it and find out if these sets of data do actually justify the regulations you say they justify.’”

Congressman Smith explains to Tim and his audience that even though the Obama’s science adviser is on record of saying they should release the data, and the former EPA Chief testified also in favor of releasing the data, to date the EPA has refused to do so, even though Smith has issued a subpoena. Since the Obama EPA hasn’t complied with the subpoena, Congressman Smith says they may be held in contempt of Congress.

Congressman Smith says the information he did receive from the Obama EPA is “30 years out of date,” which makes him “very suspicious.

“We should base our regulations on good science, not science fiction,” said Congressman Smith.


“I have never seen an administration who doesn’t respect the rule of law as much as this administration. They go out of their way to undermine laws, to ignore laws, to change laws, to try to make laws through executive order. We’ve never seen anything on this scale before.”

“We need to remind the president that he swore to uphold the Constitution. He swore to uphold the laws of the land, not undermine them, and not try to make them up.”

“It’s discouraging. It’s across the board. Whether it’s immigration, whether it’s environmental, whether it’s marriage, whether it’s healthcare, this administration in its disregard of laws. I can’t wait to hold it responsible. I hope frankly that conservatives can take control of the Senate, in the next election, and then maybe we’ll have some real leverage to roll them back.”