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Thread: Coulter, Breitbart, Drudge torch health care bill backed by Trump

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    Coulter, Breitbart, Drudge torch health care bill backed by Trump

    Coulter, Breitbart, Drudge torch health care bill backed by Trump

    Christopher Wilson Editor
    Yahoo News March 24, 2017

    With the vote on the American Health Care Act looming, conservative media personalities and outlets that were backers of President Trump throughout the campaign are attacking the Obamacare replacement bill the White House supports.

    Ann Coulter, right-wing provocateur and an avid supporter of the Trump campaign, has been attacking the bill as “Obamacare Lite” since its text became public, hammering House Speaker Paul Ryan along the way. “Could some investigative reporter write a piece explaining why Ryan is so hellbent on this deeply unpopular healthcare bill?” she wrote earlier this week, before criticizing Trump and Ryan for making tax cuts next on their legislative agenda instead of trade and immigration.


    Ann Coulter

    Could some investigative reporter write a piece explaining why Ryan is so hellbent on this deeply unpopular healthcare bill?
    9:36 PM - 21 Mar 2017


    Ann Coulter

    Only way @realDonaldTrump can fulfill his promises on healthcare is to sign a law saying:"There shall be a free market in health insurance."
    5:41 PM - 15 Mar 2017

    Despite her support, Coulter has been critical of Trump in the past, but the critique became more pointed this week in an interview with Sean Hannity:

    “This is beginning to look like every other Republican administration: massive spending on the military, which wastes $125 billion a year, according to a McKinsey report. He’s moving money from one swamp to another. We don’t want war; we want more jobs, a wall and lots of deportations, not all of this stuff that is indistinguishable from the Jeb Bush administration.”

    Matt Drudge, who had mostly stayed out of the AHCA fray, turned the banner of his website against Ryan on Friday morning. The line Drudge chose echoes a 2010 Nancy Pelosi quote, in which the then-House speaker said of the Affordable Care Act, “we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it,” a quote that was played often on Fox News and defended by Pelosi.

    The banner of the Drudge Report Friday morning.


    Breitbart News — formerly headed by Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon — has also been hammering the bill, which the right-wing site dubbed “Ryancare.”

    On Friday, it promoted a New York magazine story stating that Bannon had expressed concerns over the fact the bill was “written by the insurance industry.”

    The site has also been hammering Ryan, including releasing audio of the speaker during the 2016 campaign saying he wouldn’t support Trump and publishing so many storiescriticizing Ryan and the bill that its journalists were scolded by the conservative National Review.

    Earlier this month the conservative outlet Newsmax published a story urging the president to abandon the Freedom Caucus and work on a bipartisan plan to pass a “Medicaid for All” bill. Christopher Ruddy, the founder of the site and a longtime Trump friend, wrote the piece.

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    It just doesn't seem plausible that a real change and a reasonable healthcare plan could have been conceived in that short period of time.

    Other than scrapping it all -

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    Instead of moving to protect Medicare and fix some of the inherent problems in Obamacare, in 2011 the House proposed the Ryan Plan (Ryan Plan I).
    Ryan Plan I essentially turned Medicare from a federal entitlement program into a private voucher program.
    Under this first proposed Ryan Plan, Medicare was to be phased out in a decade and the voucher program would be administered by the states for the benefit of private insurance companies.
    Obviously ryan is still a lobbyist for insurance companies - he actually proposed a plan that would eliminate Medicare for seniors in 10 yrs. Many things were cut from our seniors in Medicare with obamacare but anchor babies get the moon.

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