April 10, 2014
Michael Geer
American Thinker

On the one hand we have Cliven Bundy and his family of ranchers on the same property ranching cattle from the early 1800s since before the Federal government claimed all the land they have been using for grazing. On the other hand we have 200 plus armed federal agents, including trained snipers, using brute force intimidation tactics against the Bundy family and their way of life.

Why? Because of a tortoise. A situation the federal establishment is very good at blowing up into murder, seizure of real property and federal standoffs, standoffs that are famous for resulting in the deaths of innocent children. In order for average citizens to stand with the Bundys and support them against this misuse of federal authority your Bureau of Land Management has graciously provided a small area which they designate as a First Amendment Area.

This is classic federal establishment run wild, out of control and deadly to the rights of citizens. Can you think of a federal agency that isn’t, right now? Soldiers deprived of the Second and Fourth Amendment rights as guaranteed by the Constitution. The IRS? TSA? Homeland Security? It’s a big, big list.

The contrast to this developing debacle over range land must be seen through the lens of the southern border of the United States which is almost all range land. Where our Border Patrol struggles with a constant flood of human beings crossing into America across our unprotected border and making themselves at home. Even as it’s been revealed Obama set free thousands of illegal alien criminals and the Border Patrol chief says his agency is battling another influx of illegal children, our men in uniform at the border are vilified as thugs and killers. And lest you forget, Obama’s administration has decided our Constitution does not exist within a 100 mile perimeter inside our borders.

What I see is this; the Federal Department of Bassackwardness has, in their astonishingly convoluted and mind-numbing death spiral has decided that cattle on open range are a threat to the (something) while millions of illegal aliens are assured free passage across similar open rangeland. This is the public danger armed federal officers are willing to end with force. While nearly ever version of that same Federal Department of Bassackwardness says this and this is not a danger to Nature or the nation.