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Thread: Death Certificate of Judge Curiel’s Father Reveals New Twist

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    Death Certificate of Judge Curiel’s Father Reveals New Twist

    Does this mean The Judge is an anchor baby?
    Death Certificate of Judge Curiel’s Father Reveals New Twist

    UNE 9, 2016/

    Controversy deepens surrounding Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over the Trump University case.

    The judge was born in Indiana to Mexican parents. The New York Times had reported that his parents were both U.S. citizens when he was born. Not true, claims Charles Johnson, of GotNews. A copy of a death certificate just released indicates that Judge Curiel’s father was still a Mexican citizen at time of his death. A copy of the alleged death certificate is seen below.

    GotNews further alleges that the judge’s mother, Francisca, did not become a U.S. citizen until 1969 – five years after her husband’s death, and 18 years after Gonzalo Curiel was born.

    Death Certificate for Gonzales Curiel’s father.
    This is what was reported by the New York Times:

    Judge Curiel, 62, was born in East Chicago, Ind., to parents who had emigrated from Mexico. Raul Curiel said their father, Salvador, arrived in Arizona as a laborer in the 1920s, eventually receiving citizenship and becoming a steelworker. Their parents were married in Mexico in 1946, and their mother, Francisca, became a citizen after joining her husband in the United States.

    Mr. Trump has been criticized for his statement that Judge Curiel should excuse himself from the case, due to a potential conflict of interest. He is a member of La Raza Lawyers of California, a pro-immigrant group whose primary focus is on rights for the Latino community.

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    Another "anchor baby" with HIS own agenda destroying our Country and now affecting an individual running for office with his prejudice and lies!

    No more anchor baby! No US Birth taxpayer benefits. Issue all non-citizens a "Certificate of Child Born Abroad" and deport them.

    No more Green Cards!
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    Right O Beezer!! NO MORE GREEN CARDS. ZERO.
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