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Democrat Brags Amnesty Will Create 4-5 MILLION New Democrat Voters
Do you still believe amnesty is about helping children?

Democrat Brags Amnesty Will Create 4-5 MILLION New Democrat Voters

in News, Opinion, Politics, Videos / by Sean Brown / on July 25, 2014 at 1:37 pm /

The worst kept secret in politics is perhaps the fact that if the scores of illegals flowing over the border were to vote Republican, then the Democrats would demand a wall be built tomorrow to keep them out. However, as many of us already knew the truth, Democrats have been determined to keep their “secret” a secret.
Apparently, they’re not too concerned anymore if the American public is aware of their intentions, or they’re just so confident in their ability to lie, that Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and bragged about how amnesty would likely give the Democrat party up to five million new voters.

When asked by the host if he thought that Obama taking unilateral action on amnesty and granting it to as many people as possible would hurt their party coming into the midterms, Gutierrez seemed unconcerned with the potential loss of votes and instead focused on how he’ll be meeting with Obama’s senior legal counsel later in the afternoon to discuss how they can get their new voters legalized.

President Barack Obama and Democrat Representative Luis Gutierrez

I suppose there’s no reason for them to be too concerned with the loss in popularity since they’re going for long term goals. Yeah, they’ll lose some support in the midterms, but how long do you think it will take for people to forget and vote for them again? Add them to the newly legalized Democrats and you have the recipe for Democrat majorities for decades to come.

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