Democratic presidential hopeful has nothing nice to say about Obama’s presidency

10:47 AM 01/15/2014
Alexis Levinson
Political Reporter

Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat considering a presidential bid in 2016, has nothing nice to say about President Barack Obama’s record.

Asked by MSNBC whether there was “a single thing President Obama has done that you consider a positive achievement,” the folksy Democrat was at a loss for words.

“My mother, God rest her soul, told me ‘Brian, if you can’t think of something nice to say about something change the subject,’” Schweitzer said.

The one thing Schweitzer suggested was a positive about Obama’s presidency: that he made history as the first black president.

In the interview, Schweitzer went on to criticize the fact that the Obama administration “just haven’t been very good at running things,” that the “corporatist” Obamacare system “will collapse on its own weight,” and called the NSA practices revealed by Edward Snowden “un-effing-believable.”

Schweitzer served two terms as governor of Montana. Since his term ended just over a year ago, he has been chairman of the Stillwater Mining Company. Now, he is making the pre-presidential campaign rounds. He spoke in Iowa last month, giving a speech in which he jabbed Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton for her vote on the Iraq war, and he said that visiting all 99 counties of the state is “on my bucket list.”

Schweitzer said that Americans should seek to change directions with the next president.

“When you choose your next national leader, ask them how they’re going to be different than Bush,” Schweitzer said. “Ask them how they’re going to be different than Obama.”