Democrats have a free ride for human-traffickers in their immigration proposal

That's quite a "compromise" you have there, Sen. Feinstein.

February 4, 2019
By Monica Showalter

Is there any special interest group Democrats won't accommodate?
Breitbart News took a deeper look at Democrats' proposal for immigration, the one they're putting out to show they're supposedly as serious as President Trump is on border security, and it contains a doozy for human-traffickers:
The House Democrats' first offer to President Trump in negotiations to fund his proposed United States-Mexico border wall includes a provision that would end all immigration enforcement for migrants trafficking children across the southern border.
The draft budget provides the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency with $7.4 billion, nearly $850 million less than requested by the Trump administration, and funds only 1,250 beds for adults and migrant children coming across the border this year, a decrease in detention space.
Attached to that funding, though, is an immigration enforcement ban first introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and supported by every Senate Democrat. The Democrats' offer demands that all immigration enforcement end for any adult crossing the border with a child by the end of Fiscal Year 2019.
Now ostensibly, the logic is that moms and kids should never be separated as they await trial over mom's illegal entry into the U.S. (Why such moms are not prosecuted for child endangerment, given the dangers an illegal border crossing involves, is not addressed.)
The problem with it is that it incentivizes not just illegal immigration, but child-trafficking. That, as Breitbart argues, is going to lead not just to more unwed mothers and their kids making illegal entry, but to cartel members ramping up their child kidnapping and human-trafficking operations, given that nobody has to prove that that baby on her hip is actually hers. Every border crossing with a kid would mean instant catch and release. Every child of an illegal border-crosser would amount to a free ticket in.
Think the traffickers aren't going to notice? They notice every loophole, every carve-out – and they have this funny way of running with them. As a result of this badly written proposal, every child in Mexico and Central America now has a trafficker's target painted on his back. When kids become entry tickets to the U.S., traffickers take the kids however they can get the kids...and come.
You'd think any thinking Democrat would know this, and I am going to argue that they do. Their aim is not to stop illegal border-crossing, or to secure the border, but to encourage as many illegal aliens to come to the U.S. as is possible. Illegals serve as ballot-harvesters for Democrats; as population-boosters for the creation of more Democratic congressional seats (which is why Democrats are suing to halt a Census question about citizenship); and as social services magnets, which is a basis for the hiring of more bureaucrats to expand the size of government. Above all, unchecked illegal immigration, institutionalized as such, amounts to an end to the pesky problem of rule of law for the left. When borders end, so does rule of law, and a chain reaction follows.
It's hard to say why this human-trafficking encouragement act, as Rep. Tom Cotton puts it, isn't a stronger issue from whence to call Democrats on the carpet to force them to admit their real agenda.

Tom Cotton @TomCottonAR

Dems' Keep Families Together Act is better called the Child Trafficking Encouragement Act. Show up at border with a minor & call him your child, then you get released into the US! Children will be abducted & sold to drug cartels & slave-traders as a free ticket into US.


9:46 AM - Jun 19, 2018
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But make no mistake. We are looking at mayhem here if Democrats get their way in Congress as some sort of "compromise."

What we have here is goodies for human slave-traders from the historic party of slavery. It's one more argument for President Trump to quit negotiating with these clowns; find the money somewhere, by emergency if necessary; and just build the wall.

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