Administration only wants to enforce the law when it benefits them. And even when innocent children are the ones paying the price, they don’t care

Democrats using children as pawns in this immigration game

By Herman Cain July 6, 2014 | Comments

When Charles Schumer says something, you can be pretty sure it will be shamelessly partisan, and it’s not usually hard to detect a thinly veiled threat in there somewhere.

So no one should be surprised by the statement he made the other day concerning immigration reform. According to Schumer, House Republicans don’t want to pass the Democrats’ bill because “they’re afraid of the Tea Party” and also afraid of “the word amnesty.”
Now understand, the Democrats’ bill is not amnesty! Schumer says so, therefore it must be true! The Republicans only think it’s amnesty because Rush Limbaugh keeps saying so and they’re afraid of him too I guess.
Schumer goes on to predict that if the Republicans block this immigration bill, they will hand the House, the Senate and the White House in 2016, and then the Democrats will write their own immigration bill.
And all this because they’re afraid of the Tea Party and of the completely inapplicable word “amnesty.”

Manufactured Current Immigration Crisis

Let me tell you what’s really going on here. The Democrats’ bill absolutely is amnesty, no matter how much they insist it is not, because their short-term goal is to solidify their gains with Hispanic and Latino voters – and their long-term goal is to turn these illegal immigrants into Democrat voters.
Their right-now goal, of course, is to get people talking about something other than the economy, Iraq, Benghazi, the IRS, the VA . . . you get the idea. Democrats are masters at changing the subject and using sleight of hand to keep you from noticing what really matters.
That’s why they’ve had no hesitation about manufacturing this current immigration crisis, and they have no qualms about using the children involved to do it. It is simply beyond comprehension that the Obama Administration is sending these unaccompanied children to makeshift shelters all across the country. In state after state, governors are facing the surprise news that the federal government is shipping illegal immigration children their way.
Why? The only sensible thing to do is to send these children back home. But scattering them across the country gives the White House the opportunity to pick a political fight with Republican governors and members of Congress. That’s what they really want. Why do the right thing when you can do the politically advantageous thing?
Texas Gov. Rick Perry has told the administration he knows how to secure the border, and has invited President Obama to come down and see for himself the nature of this out-of-control, manufactured crisis. The administration ignores him, because they would rather use the influx of illegal immigration in their attempt to turn Texas into a blue state – claiming to the new arrivals that they are more “compassionate” than Republicans. That’s how they do things.
And the most maddening thing about this administration is that even when they do something that’s obviously irresponsible, they still relish the fight. When they tried to force Christian-owned companies to pay for certain contraceptives against their will – and Hobby Lobby quite rightly pushed back – the White House pushed the lie that the whole thing is about “access to birth control” (as if you don’t have access to something unless someone else pays for it for you).
They’re doing the same thing with immigration. They’re trying to make the fight about everything but what it really is.
My position has always been the same as many of yours: First, enforce the laws we already have. If we did that, all of these children would be on their way home, and we wouldn’t have a crisis.
But this administration only wants to enforce the law when it benefits them. And even when innocent children are the ones paying the price, they don’t care.