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    Democrats Vote To Support Government Hiring Illegal Aliens

    Smythe: Democrats Vote To Support Government Hiring Illegal Aliens

    Thursday 12 April 2007, by admin

    Assemblyman Cameron Smyth. a Republican, presented a bill, AB 107, to force government contractors and vendors to certify they do not hire illegal aliens.

    The California Political News and Views is proud to have this article, exclusively, for the CPNV by Assemblyman Cameron Smythe.

    The Democrats on the Assembly Committee voted against the bill and killed it. Do you need any more proof that Democrats promote the hiring, harboring and protection of illegal aliens. Democrats have said to our poor and those minorities in need of a job that illegal aliens should go to the head of the line. They believe that the taxpayers should hire illegal aliens and give them benefits, before honest citizens, This appears to be is the theme of the Democrat Party.

    I wonder why the media has ignored this clear division between obeying the law, and Democrats using the law to help law breakers?

    Assemblyman Smyth did the right thing as Mayor of Santa Clarita and now trying to do the right thing for all Californians. Too bad the Democrats believe we should be treated like Cubans, just property of the State.

    Do you think this shows that Democrats care more for illegal aliens than our own citizens? Write your thoughts directly on the web site for all to see and discuss.

    Steve Frank


    By Assemblyman Cameron Smythe


    Once again the California Legislature, more specifically the Assembly Business and Professions Committee, failed to take action in addressing the illegal immigration problem facing our state.

    During my time in local government and in the legislature, I have grown weary of hearing that illegal immigration is a Federal issue and nothing can be done about it. As a result, I introduced AB107, which is a similar measure to one I passed as Mayor of Santa Clarita. It simply required that any business wishing to contract with the State of California, must acknowledge under the penalty of perjury, that all of their employees are either citizens of the United States or maintain the proper documentation allowing them to work in this country. AB 107 provided an additional layer of protection to California taxpayers and helped ensure that wages paid by state contractors went to a legal workforce.

    It is only reasonable to expect that any company wishing to do business with the state and be compensated by the taxpayers, must follow the law and only use a workforce that is in this country legally. A business that knowingly hires undocumented labor is doing so simply to avoid paying an appropriate wage. As a result, businesses that follow the law are continuously undercut by those that do not. By opposing this common sense measure, the members of the committee sent a message that California will not level the playing field and continue to allow some of the most vulnerable in our society to be exploited.

    A recent field poll showed the 63% of Californians support strict penalties against companies that utilize an undocumented workforce, yet members of the legislature not only opposed my bill, but could not understand why I would even consider introducing such a measure. It is no wonder the legislature continues to have low approval ratings when common sense bills are unanimously voted down and bills banning spanking and light bulbs are lauded as progressive.

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    The Democrats on the Assembly Committee voted against the bill and killed it. Do you need any more proof that Democrats promote the hiring, harboring and protection of illegal aliens.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    They are protecting their party by pandering to the illegals, they are not protecting America.
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