Denver publishes guide on how other cities can turn themselves into migrant sanctuaries using taxpayer dollars

05/31/2024 // Richard Brown // 580 Views

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The Democrat-led City of Denver, Colorado, has released a comprehensive guide to help other cities become immigrant sanctuaries, funded by taxpayers.Titled "Newcomers Playbook: A Guide to Welcoming Newcomers into Your City," the guide is aimed at planning and implementing sanctuary city policies.
The introduction reads: "We are thrilled that you are interested in creating a welcoming environment for migrants in your city. As part of Denver’s welcoming approach, we use the term 'newcomers' to refer to migrants, recognizing that they are new to our city and embracing a more inclusive language. This playbook is a guide divided into two sections, offering recommendations and strategies for successfully integrating newcomers into your city."
The guide was credited to the office of Denver Mayor Mike Johnston and several migrant agencies.
Interestingly, Johnston, who has often criticized external groups and states for sending immigrants to Denver, and claimed the influx was unsustainable, has taken actions like sending officials on trips to discourage immigrants from coming to Denver, spending millions to relocate immigrants to other cities, cutting funding and services, and evicting immigrants from city-sponsored shelters. (Related: Denver to shell out an additional $3.2M in taxpayer dollars to "temporarily" house 200 illegals.)
Despite these contradictory actions, the guide offers practical advice for aspiring sanctuary cities on redirecting city services from citizens to immigrants. It includes tips for establishing intake centers to direct immigrants to free services, providing free transportation, housing, food, clothing, medical care, legal advice and more.
The guide also suggests cities purchase or contract mobile showers and laundry trucks for "newcomers."
Additionally, it includes a comprehensive checklist of “guest-related” questions to help cities identify potential issues ahead of time.
Controversially, the guide advises city officials to use fraudulent social security numbers for immigrants when needed, suggesting, “If an online application requires an SSN to move forward in the online portal, we have entered 123-45-6789.”
“Over the last year and a half, despite the federal government failing to support our cities, Denver has led by building sustainable systems that help newcomers get back on their feet and turning a crisis into opportunity,” Johnston said in a statement. “We’re proud this playbook will help newcomers resettle in cities with more opportunities, help cities across the country successfully welcome newcomers and reinvigorate workforces.”
Denver using taxpayer money to provide migrants with housing

Last month, Denver launched a new initiative aimed at accelerating the employment of migrants and asylum-seekers, providing a potential model for other sanctuary cities. Johnston announced the "Asylum Seekers Program," which offers six months of paid rent for migrants to cover the period before they can work legally.
In February and March, Denver officials processed about 1,500 work authorizations before unveiling the new program.
Johnston confirmed that all 838 migrants currently in shelters will be enrolled in the program, which has a cap of 1,000 participants. The initiative includes job training, certifications, unpaid work experience and food assistance.
Comparatively, in cities like Chicago and New York, many migrants face prolonged delays before receiving work authorizations, leading to difficulties in covering rent.
In Chicago, over 16,000 migrants have been resettled from city shelters, with nearly 9,400 still residing in them. New York anticipates spending over $12 billion on the migrant crisis by July 2025, with substantial daily costs for providing essential services to asylum-seekers.
Critics view the program as a desperate move by Denver as the city spent $15 million on the migrant crisis in December alone and anticipated a budget shortfall of $180 million by the end of 2024.
Watch this video of former President Donald Trump during a rally at The Bronx in New York City hitting President Joe Biden over his immigration policies.

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Denver publishes guide on how other cities can turn themselves into migrant sanctuaries using taxpayer dollars –