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    Well I learned something. When deliberately baiting with hyperbole but the most antagonistic points farther down so at least your general argument is heard before people tune out- LOL!!

    To the point, in the past I have used "burning in effigy" to great effect. The key is to have a very scripted delivery. The "press" is always looking for wackos so they show up to anything they think will be a wacko display, when they encounter a group of supporters dressed in suits who do not shout, who do not speak out, and only state in unison an affirmation of the talk points recited by the designated speaker, they simply are dumbfounded and report on the substance of the issue and not the ridiculous display they originally showed up to see. Burning anything in a mob environment conveys exactly the vision many of you have, doing the same thing in a calculating, unemotional manner provides a chilling contrast that is very compelling. It shows an orchestration that is rather unsettling to bureaucrats as they realize they are not dealing with emotional wackos but rather calculating professionals.

    The point of burning in effigy is punctuate the acceptable conditions by pointing out the chilling alternative, more to the point it serves to bring the press out.

    And with this I draw this to a close, to the leaders of this movement I can only say, plan, plan, replan, and develop contingencies. You should be able to mobilize a dozens different scenarios throughout the country in a matter of days.

    I bid you peace,


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    The main issue i have with burning in effigy, and burning of flags, is that most americans are used to seeing this, and seeing it directed at US. I think such images generate a visceral negative reaction among most americans which is directed at those doing the act.. irrregardless of the cause or side they are on.

    To me, such acts are similar to throwing the race bomb when your arguements and reasoning fails you in debate. They have no reasoned value and play strictly upon emotion... in this case, probably not to our benefit.


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    The main issue i have with burning in effigy
    My reply:

    I guess I just have fond memories of our Founding Father's doing so. Have you ever been to Colonial Williamsburg and witnessed the one they do there? Rather dramatic. I think it is preceded by a Thomas Paine speech.


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    Country's Future is in the hands of its citizens, not its po

    take it from an insider who knows what moves Congress:
    from Newt Gingrich's Victory in NH website:
    As a precursor to meeting privately with members of the Victory NH Network, Newt penned the following exclusive essay...

    Citizen Activism: The Key to Winning the Future
    by Newt Gingrich

    I wrote Winning the Future to outline the next wave or reform that this country will need in the next ten to twenty years to remain the richest, most powerful, and most successful nation on the planet in the 21st Century. And while I have made it a point to talk to as many of my colleagues in Washington about these issues as I can, I know that no amount of discussion inside the beltway can replace what I will be doing this Monday and Tuesday in New Hampshireâ€â€
    conservative is but a liberal after a dose of reality...

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