Do Foreigners Have an Unmitigated Right to American Citizenship?

By Kelly OConnell —— Bio and Archives--March 14, 2021

Socialism – Blind Hope of the Faithless: Given the Left’s continuing fascination with Nihilism – the ironic idea that laws are illegal – it’s hard to follow Democrat public policy. Hence, a sincere Question: Do non-US Americans, living in foreign lands have an unfettered right to US Citizenship? This seems the belief of lawless Democrats, even if they have already canceled the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as conservative fossils.

Wretched Refuse?

Immigration, Lazarus Style: The grist of this global pseudo-law is found on the famed plaque attached to the Statue of Liberty, taken from a poem titled, New Colossus, written by equine-faced Anarchist and political activist Emma Lazarus, two decades after the statue was erected:

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Shame Based Immigration Policies: The above poem represents an anarchist’s view of immigration, where the only qualification for those seeking citizenship is poverty. This same shame-based immigration policy returns with Biden’s Open-the-Floodgates rule changes. It’s obviously directed towards the great mass of Americans who claim no religion, but insert their ideas of charity for old-time religion. It’s therefore helpful to realize French philosopher August Comte went insane, escaped the sanitarium, then created a humanist Religion of Humanity. This basically took Catholicism, banished God & replaced the Pope with philosopher kings. The Religion of Humanity was described by Thomas Huxley as “Catholicism minus Christianity.”

Pitiless Liberalism Masquerading as Godless Charity

Border Disaster Switches Security for “Charity”: The main problem with Biden’s new border policy is it conflates charity with security, achieving the hat trick of combining church and state. Most Americans think of themselves as generous and humanitarian. Therefore, the Left hijacks this impulse and promotes a policy of the US accepting an infinite number of poor. But is this the function of border authority? No, it’s done to bypass lawful and organized asylum requests.

Border Policies Prostituted: Poverty and human rights based immigration must be addressed legally by the State Department, aided by church and charities, The purpose of our border policy is to protect Americans via enforcement of legislation and repulsion of all non-legal incursions. Instead, Biden’s policy is a clever ploy of redirecting misguided appeals to pity. Switching US border law for charity-motivated immigration is a categorical mistake and very dangerous. But godless Leftists pretend only they speak for morality and truth.

Sacred Nihilism

Biden Admin Intentions – Willful Ignorance Wrapped in Hypocrisy: What is the real reason Democrats demand unlimited illegal border entries?

Several. First, to flood conservative-leaning states with instant Democrats – just add Rio Grande water – and so flip them to Democrat. Second, to feign being the party of morality. But can the Party of nursing home murders & aborted babies claim morality? Third, to convince Americans Leftists do anything they want and nobody stops them. Sacred Nihilism.

Democrats: Hypocritical & Sanctimonious Tyranny

Reforming & Upgrading Foreign Lands: What’s the solution to Democrats’ crazed demand for unlimited illegal immigration through a perilously porous border? Well, the Democrat excuse for this is they care about poor and abused foreigners, correct? Well, since importing millions of unsupported foreigners will cost trillions of dollars, Americans still have choices. The Democrats’ hypocritical and sanctimonious demand for charity will never end. So we have a gigantic budget for this issue.

Cure Problem at Source: Therefore, let’s pass new legislation to encourage or force countries who are the main human exporters to upgrade and reform their government, infrastructure, human rights enforcement while reforming police agencies. In other words, let’s help upgrade these countries so their residents don’t have to flee. This is actually a better way to create change, since it deals with the source of the problems, not just effects, and will help millions more people. It will help solve the cause of illegal migration. And end Democrat efforts to force-feed America tens of millions of future Democrats.

Hoist Democrats Demagogues on Their Own ‘Charity’ Petard

Conclusion – Outsmart Leftists With Their Own Values: Democrats have taken Border Security and replaced it with immigrant “Charity.” Analysts state this has caused an enormous spike in 2021 crossings with 100,000 unaccompanied children expected this year. Border Patrol & ICE are inundated and overwhelmed. This also enriches cartels, some of whom have traded human smuggling for drugs. Yet, narcotic deliveries have spiked while forced child prostitution goes through the roof given the unholy number of solo, unprotected female children involved. Instead of debilitating US facilities and welfare systems, and warping our political party system, the US should go to the source and request reform with US dollar aid. If not, these rogue states must be cut off from American foreign largesse until they repent. There is more than one way to help foreigners in distress.