Donald Trump “Not Thrilled” With Anti-American Tool Paul Ryan’s Anointment To Speaker

Posted on October 24, 2015
by Rick Wells

It’s a set up. The pieces are being put together right now in the House of Representatives by the fascist moneyed interests of the Republican Party. They’re anticipating a November 2016 victory when the political possession arrow of the presidency once again flips to the Republican team. It will be their turn to lead us into a further consolidation of the shadow government’s grip on power and they’re not about to wait until the last minute.

The anti-establishment sentiment among the American people certainly now is being revealed as a well-founded response to the manipulation of the process and the realization that our government by, of and for the people no longer exists. The establishment hijackers, putting their money behind first Bush and now Rubio, have control of the process and they intend to keep and expand upon it. A complicit and wholly owned president is important, but, as Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi have demonstrated, Congress must be controlled as well. That’ where Paul Ryan comes in and that’s where the betrayal of the American people by the so-called “conservatives” in the House Freedom Caucus and elsewhere is so devastating.

For many Donald Trump appears to be the single best chance to thwart their nefarious plans, and quite possibly our only legitimate hope to do so. Ted Cruz talks a good game and for many he is viewed as the conservative to save the nation, but against his impressive conservative credentials and positions, there are two issues on which his positions and record provide legitimate cause for concern.

On illegal immigration Cruz is seen as a hawk. But on the equally dangerous issue of legal immigration he has been much less a supporter of the American citizens and workers. He has been onboard with reckless increases in legal immigration, having offered an amendment to the 2013 gang of eight amnesty bill for a five-fold increase in H1-B visasand expressed his deep disappointment when it failed to pass.

Losing your job to a foreign worker doesn’t hurt any less when they’re taking it with the assistance of the United States government. Cruz also argued vehemently in favor of the sovereignty-killing, open borders enabling, American citizen-harming Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the bestowing upon Hussein Obama of dictatorial powers in its passage under fast track Trade Promotion Authority, (TPA).

While on one hand touting his conservative credentials, Cruz was with the other supporting the secret deal, a direct violation to the Constitutional treaty requirements, and employing quite deceptive arguments in the process. He only backed off at the last possible moment, supposedly in objection to the Export-Import bank, hardly the most offensive component of the deal but one that allowed a reversal on the vote without a change of stated positions. Anyone can have a change of heart or an epiphany, but the arguments he disputed in the process clearly showed the Texas Senator to have been informed on the issue at the time.

The American people simply don’t have the luxury of getting this one wrong, of ending up with another anti-American tool of the oligarchs in the White House. After the Bushes, Clinton and Obama, another dose of hemlock will likely spell the end of our American experiment in self governance.

Donald Trump recognizes who and what Paul Ryan is and he’s not thrilled with his apparent ascension, his placement by the power-brokers into the position to do their bidding on demand. In a Friday interview on the John Fredericks Show, Trump addressed the Speakership and the problems that are being created by the Ryan push, the foundation for a very serious assault on our nation.
He’s asked, “How would a President Trump reconcile those deep ideological differences with a potential Speaker Ryan.”

He answered, “Not easily, you know, it’s not, you know we’re given a choice. Don’t forget that you have people in Washington, Republicans that are going to be making the choice and it looks like he is going to be the one.” He says, “If you have to live with it you have to live with it, we can’t go crazy. We can’t say well, oh gee, well I refuse to show up or I refuse to do something. Now, he’s very, very weak on illegal immigration and I don’t like that. You know he’s an amnesty person and you know I’m not thrilled with that because you get amnesty, you do something wrong and you get amnesty that’s not what we’re all about. And other things that you’ve mentioned and at the same time, a very conservative group in Washington that you like and that I like looks like they’re backing him.”

He adds, “You want to sort of have a group of people that are unified and they do need somebody. I’m a little surprised that somebody more conservative and tough, because they need some toughness and smartness, and I’m a little surprised that somebody more conservative and tougher on the issues has not been chosen. I’m a little surprised, actually.”

Mr. Trump surely recognizes that the system is rigged, so he must be surprised more by the cowardice of those supposed conservatives, their continuation of the surrender first at any cost method of conducting the people’s business than the fact that Ryan is the Speaker being forced upon us. He’s a smart guy.

The interest of Republican Party unity is not a sufficient justification for the selling out of the American people by supposed conservatives in the House. The Soviets were united behind Stalin and the Germans under Hitler with less than stellar outcomes to show for it. Unity is not a justification for the pursuit of dangerous, destructive policies.

The portion of the broadcast dealing with the Speaker issues starts at about the 7:10 minute mark.