22 Oct 2016
Cleveland, OH

Bounding on stage before a massive audience of 30,000 supporters in Cleveland, Ohio, GOP nominee Donald Trump promises that he will reverse the damage that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have done to the nation.

Trump appeared before the huge Cleveland audience on Saturday evening, October 22. Cleveland was the town that hosted the 2016 GOP nominating convention and the crowd was extremely enthusiastic to see their nominee once again.

Before Trump took the stage, several other speakers addressed those gathered, including former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and GOP vice presidential nominee and Indiana Governor Mike Pence. But another speaker whose voice was heard this night was Brook Park, Ohio Mayor Tom Coyne, a lifelong Democrat who has endorsed Trump.

Mayor Coyne is particularly supportive of Trump’s pledge to bring jobs back to the U.S., as his town has been decimated by job loss.

“Northeast Ohio has been decimated for the last 15, 20 years and continues to bleed manufacturing jobs and you cannot have a middle class being revived in this country unless you make things in America again,” Mayor Coyne recently said.

Once Trump took the stage ,he promised that “In seventeen days, we’re going to win the White House.”

The GOP nominee then promised to “deliver real change that puts America first.”

Trump noted that thousands and thousands of jobs were lost in Cleveland and that once he takes the White House he will end government corruption and put a halt to “the powerful protecting the powerful.”

Trump noted that during his Gettysburg address he talked about “the issue of government corruption. I talked about the inside dealing, the powerful protecting the powerful, and about special interests and donors who’ve rigged the system.”

“I’ve got news for all of the people taking advantage of our rigged system,” Trump told the cheering crowd, “In seventeen days, everything is going to change. In seventeen days we are going to drain the swamp in Washington D.C.”

With that proclamation, the crowd went wild shouting “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

Trump went on to note that he is going to “put those miners back to work” and revive the coal industry that Barack Obama has purposefully destroyed. The nominee also promised to eliminate Obama’s key legislation known as Obamacare.

“Hillary Clinton wants to double down and make Obamacare bigger and worse,” Trump warned his supporters to a wall of boos for Obama’s failed healthcare plan. “Just this month, the Democratic governor of Minnesota admitted, ‘the reality is, the Affordable Care Act,’ he said, ‘is no longer affordable.’ He said that. And you probably saw last week, Bill Clinton called Obamacare the craziest thing in the world.”

The real estate mogul noted that even Bill Clinton said that small business and the middle class are getting killed by Obamacare.

Trump went on to insist that he would bring back jobs to America but not before another protester tried to disrupt the rally.

“Is he one of the people paid for by the Democrats and the Clinton campaign? Are you paid,” he asked the disrupter. “Get out of here, get out,” Trump insisted.

“Did you read that the other day,” Trump added as the protester was removed from the hall. “They’re paid $1,500,” he said of the protesters who have tried so desperately to break up his many rallies. “They’re violent, they want to have violence, and everybody blamed it on me and now they’re saying, ‘guess what — Trump was actually innocent.'”

Later in the rally the GOP nominee also noted that a man who was responsible for funding paid protesters at Trump rallies visited the White House over 340 times. Trump was referring to Democratic operative Robert Creamer, who was exposed in a recent undercover video as the man responsible for fielding a large number of fake protesters paid for by the Democrat Party.

Trump hit many themes, including the corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton, her plan to raise taxes on the middle class, and Hillary’s email scandals.

The GOP leader ended his rally praising his supporters and saying, “This is a movement like no one in this country has ever seen before. We have a big crowd today, but we have big crowds everywhere.”

“We’re seventeen days away from the change we’ve been waiting for our entire lives,” Trump said to the cheers of the crowd.

The rally in Cleveland came on the heels of Trump’s address in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where he reportedly spoke before an incredible 50,000 supporters.