21 Oct 2016
Washington, DC

Donald Trump rallied more than 8,000 supporters on Friday at two campaign rallies in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, where he currently trails his opponent Hillary Clinton by an average of 6.2 points.

The Republican nominee spoke to roughly 7,000 supporters in Johnstown, Pennsylvania on Friday afternoon before addressing at least 1,500 people in Newtown, Pennsylvania on Friday night.

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David Martosko ✔ @dmartosko
Trump crowd in Newtown, PA. Fire marshal cut off the line so they have an overflow area outdoors with audio rigged up. Probably 1,500 there.
4:05 PM - 21 Oct 2016 · Pennsylvania, USA, United States

While addressing the crowd in Newtown, Trump promised to rebuild the U.S. Navy.

David MartoskoVerified account
. @realDonaldTrump announces proposal to rebuild the @USNavy tonight in Newtown, PA
4:29 PM - 21 Oct 2016

“The Navy has just commissioned the USS Zumwalt, showcasing the Navy’s role as the most effective instrument of American power projection,” stated Chairman of the House Armed Services Seapower & Projection Forces Subcommittee Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA) in a Trump campaign press release Friday night. “Under a Trump administration we will build the 350 ship Fleet we need and harness American workers, American know how, and American materials to create the Navy of the 21st century.”

Trump’s press release says that the Republican nominee plans to rebuild the U.S. Navy on day one, “which has shrunk under the Obama-Clinton years to its lowest level since World War I.”

“In the tradition of Ronald Reagan’s doctrine of ‘peace through strength’ and a Reagan focus on naval power, Donald Trump has proposed a significant increase in the size of our Navy,” the press release reads. “The 350-ship goal conforms to that blueprint outlined by the bipartisan National Defense Panel.”