Please note the last polls on this race are over a month old. June 30th!

30 days before the Scott Brown election the Progressive Marxist Dem was 30 points ahead - Poll taken mid Dec!

On Jan 19th - Scott Brown won!

Pray for another miracle! Work towards another miracle! Give $$ what you can for another miracle!

JD's goal was to raise 50K in 5 days!
He currently is at $36,908.

He needs just $13,092 to meet his goal!

For a $10 buck donation that is 1,310 Patriots!

Surely we can help out there!

Also you can help with phone calls from your home to AZ voters!

Alipac was also working on robo calls - not sure how that came out - but don't give up hope!

Patriots from all over the country worked hard to put Scott Brown into office. He is not perfect but he did vote against the Health Care bill and Kagan! He is 100% better than the Progressive, Marxist Dem.

JD is not perfect but there is one thing you know for sure - with JD in office you won't have to worry about the Senator in AZ putting up or helping to write an amnesty bill.

You will sleep in peace knowing the Sen from AZ is fighting tooth and nail for border security.

You know that he will keep border security and the fight against illegal immigration in the fore front and will help fund it with his bills and votes.

With McCain out of office no matter where you live in America you should sleep better, knowing there is one less Pro-Open Borders Senator you have to worry about.

Isn't that alone with $10 bucks!