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    Dreamers Ambush Paul Ryan at Colorado Book Signing (Video)

    Dreamers Ambush Paul Ryan at Colorado Book Signing (Video)

    By Humberto Sanchez

    Posted at 10:47 a.m. Aug. 28

    Protesters confronted Ryan at his book signing.
    (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

    THORNTON, Colo. — Immigration protesters ambushed Rep. Paul D. Ryan Thursday as the Wisconsin Republican signed books at a Barnes & Noble here.

    Ryan was confronted by Greisa Martinez, a national organizer with United We Dream. Martinez and three companions bought books and waited in line for Ryan. But once Martinez reached the front of the line, she asked Ryan questions about the lack of congressional action on immigration.

    “I do not understand why you want to deport me and my mother? Why didn’t your party pass immigration reform when you had the opportunity,” she loudly questioned, mentioning the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. “Rep. Ryan, My name is Greisa Martinez I am DACA-mented and I am hear to stay!” One of her cohorts unfurled a banner and the store manager asked her to leave.

    Ryan told her he wasn’t taking questions, and initially kept interacting with other book buyers, but ultimately ducked into a back room until police came and escorted Martinez out of the store.

    The confrontation lasted about 10 minutes; all the while Martinez knocked on the door of the room to which Ryan had retreated. Police also whisked away two protesters who tried to ask Ryan questions later.

    Ryan told CQ Roll Call he sees similar outbursts in states with major political contests, such Florida and here in Colorado. The Senate race between Republican Rep. Cory Gardner and Democratic Sen. Mark Udall could decide control of the chamber, and is rated Tilts Democratic by The Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.
    (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

    “I didn’t get it in Texas; I didn’t get it in Oklahoma,” Ryan said in an interview after the signing. “In Florida, you’ve got huge governors race there, so I see it where there is a lot of agitated political activity.”

    Ryan was the 2012 vice presidential nominee and his nationwide tour promoting “The Way Forward” could be seen as laying the groundwork for a future presidential bid.

    After the book signing, Ryan said President Barack Obama would make it more difficult for Congress to tackle an immigration overhaul if he acts alone with further executive actions on the deferred action program.

    “I think he will poison the well if he goes it alone,” Ryan said. “He should follow the Constitution. It’s just that simple to me.”

    video at link below

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    Keep bugging him dreamers and make sure you are really annoying and loud! Bring some bull horns next time you confront him and be sure to throw yourselves under his vehicle so he's stuck there with you for a good long time. Don't forget to cry and sob when you see him and bring along the rest of the crying family including your cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents too. Don't give up as you must be heard!

    (This way Paul Ryan will finally understand why there should be no amnasty!)

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