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    Drudge Report: Michael Savage: 1 month left to save America; SAVAGE WARNS: CIVIL WAR

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    Michael Savage: 1 month left to save America

    New 'prophetic' book warns nation ahead of mid-terms

    Published: 11 hours ago

    When Barack Obama introduced himself at the 2004 Democratic National Convention declaring there was only one America – “not a liberal America and a conservative America” and “not a black America and white America” – many instantly envisioned him as a future presidential candidate with a unique heritage and extraordinary rhetorical skills that would enable him to unite a nation divided over political ideology and race.

    Not long into his presidency, however, it became apparent to many, including some liberals, that Obama’s leadership and policies had only exacerbated the divisions.
    Most attributed his failures to simple incompetence, but Michael Savage saw something much more sinister happening, and in his new book – “Stop the Coming Civil War” – he charges Obama is deliberately dividing the country.
    At the time Savage finished the manuscript, several months ago, many continued to mock the provocative notion that any president would purposefully damage the nation.

    Barack Obama at the 2004 Democratic National Convention

    But recent events, including the flood of Central American illegal aliens and the entry of the Ebola virus to the U.S., have made “Stop the Coming Civil War,” Savage’s 30th book, seem prophetic.
    Meanwhile, an increasing number of bewildered Democrats are distancing themselves from Obama.
    In his concluding chapter, Savage bluntly states his book, published by Center Street Books, is about “the conflict the current administration is pushing in the name of a broader worldwide liberal revolution.”
    “As I see it, the forces of the left are attempting nothing less than a socialist takeover of the world economy and global politics,” he writes.
    In an interview with WND, Savage said his publisher recently expressed to him amazement that “everything you said was going to happen or would happen is happening this minute.”
    Savage sees it as deductive logic.
    “Obama’s been engaged in a civil war from the day he seized the presidency,” Savage told WND. “He said he’s going to transform America. What was that? What was that declaration? It’s a declaration of war against the country’s traditional values and freedoms.”
    “It was clear what he was going to do, but everyone was dancing around the golden calf,” he said.
    As WND reported, Savage told his listeners last week that Ebola has now come to the U.S. because of Obama’s open-borders policy, which also has allowed once-eradicated diseases to enter through Central American illegal-alien minors who are being placed in public schools nationwide.

    Michael Savage

    Savage said the “worst part of the story” is that if Obama is allowed to continue, “this country doesn’t survive.”
    He noted Vice President Joseph Biden’s statement at the John F. Kennedy Forum at Harvard last Thursday that the post-World War II order is “literally fraying at the seams.”
    “What was he trying to say?” Savage asked. “Was he playing like he’s suddenly discovered what he’s done to the country? And now he’s triangulating his opposition to make believe he’s the savior?
    “It’s not just a joke,” he told WND. “We’re at the end of the road here. I don’t want to live in a Venezuela under a dictatorship and look back 40 years and say, ‘Why didn’t someone stop him?’”
    In January, Savage told his listeners of his work on the book, calling the things he was discovering “frightening” and concluding, “The more I get into it, the worse it looks for us.”

    Last chance
    Savage, the author of six New York Times bestsellers, said he had no financial or personal need to write another book. His aim, he said, is to warn the nation that the mid-term election one month from now is the only realistic opportunity to stop Obama.
    “After 29 books, I don’t need another bestseller,” he told WND. “What I need is the last chance to change the course of human events. I am praying that the people awaken before the election in November.”

    Though he described the Republican Party as “tepid,” Savage said “they’re the only chance we have.”
    “If every Democrat Socialist Islamist is fired, and the Republicans take the Senate, we can lobby the Republican Party through town hall meetings,” he said. “We can shake them up and make them do what needs to be done.”
    The Democrats, on the other hand, Savage said, “are absolutely immune to any lobbying whatsoever,” pointing to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as a chief example.
    “Are you telling me she is going to listen to the average American about saving the country?” he asked. “Of course not.”
    See the entire Savage collection in the WND Superstore.
    Savage sees the 300-plus referenced pages of his book as a “blueprint for impeachment.”
    “I did what the whole Republican Party should have been doing for the last year,” he said.
    “You take this book and slap it down in Congress. ‘Here’s the grounds for impeachment. In this blueprint.’ That’s why I want everyone to read the thing,” he said.

    Spiritual disease

    Savage told WND he was invited to give a few words before the beginning of a Yom Kippur service at a synagogue.
    He said he told the large Jewish audience the world “is coming apart at the seams” and people offer many explanations for what is happening.
    Savage asked: “When America was ruled by practicing Christian presidents, wasn’t the world a safer place?”
    He said silence came over the audience.
    “They heard me,” he said. “I didn’t have to say that we have an atheist, communist, socialist, anarchist in the White House. All I said is that when we had a practicing Christian in the White House, the world was a safer place.
    “I said there’s a spiritual disease that we’re suffering from, and America put this man in there, and the world is falling apart as a result.”
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    WND Related Stories

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    Grenade tossed in GOP civil war
    Election ads paint Dems with Obama's 'lie'
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    EIB Listeners Report: Obama Booed in PSA Played at Michigan State Game

    October 06, 2014

    Windows Media

    RUSH: We go to the phones to Flushing, Michigan. This is Susan, and I'm glad you called. Great to have you here. Hi.
    CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?
    RUSH: Very well. Very well. Great to be home.
    CALLER: Well, I'm glad you're home. Just something real quick just to go along with what you're talking about, the president's favoritism amongst people is low. We went to a college football game here in Michigan this last weekend, and they did a public service announcement during the game. It reminded me more of like a, "yes, we can" kind of deal again, but it was about taking care of each other and working together.
    RUSH: Okay, now, wait. Wait, wait. I don't want gloss over this.
    CALLER: Okay.
    RUSH: Who did the PSA? On whose behalf was it?
    CALLER: Obama.
    RUSH: It was an Obama PSA?
    CALLER: Yes. Joe Biden's face was talking about doing things together along with students. He was in the middle of the announcement. It was about a 30-second announcement. It was put up on all the big screens at the stadium.

    RUSH: Right.
    CALLER: And at the very end of the announcement was President Obama. And as soon as his face came up there, there were boos in that stadium that surprised me. I was just so happy to hear it because I thought, you know, it was like a positive thing for me, because it was like, okay, other people are feeling the same way I am.
    RUSH: Exactly.
    CALLER: A lot of the people in that stadium --
    RUSH: Yeah.
    CALLER: -- including the student section.
    RUSH: Up until then, you hadn't heard that there -- you might have heard a poll here or there that said Obama's approval number was down, around 40, 39, 42, whatever it was, but the media doesn't harp on it, and the media certainly doesn't talk about Obama's lack of popularity. They never talk about how far he has fallen from the lofty heights of 2009.
    CALLER: Right.
    RUSH: And, as such, you never see any evidence of the polling data that's reported. You never see man-on-the-street interviews with people expressing their disgust with current government policy, the economy, you never see it. So here for the first time Obama's picture on the big board and massive boos, and I know how you felt. You felt like finally you weren't alone in what you were thinking about it.
    CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. And especially, this is not a big campus, and this is a huge stadium, and to have that many people, the boos were so easily heard across the stadium.
    RUSH: Well, I must ask, I must ask the campus.
    CALLER: Well, this would be at Michigan State University, and this is the campus that President Obama --
    RUSH: Well, wait a minute. Wait a minute. That's not a small college.
    CALLER: No. No, it's not.
    RUSH: I thought you said it was a small university.
    CALLER: No. No, no, no, no. It's one of the bigger universities.
    RUSH: Okay. Michigan State would be your classic liberal citadel.
    CALLER: Correct.
    RUSH: And for this kind of reaction to happen with just Obama's picture on the big board -- this is why that privately, you know, people who are aware that this is what the low polling data means, this is why that some people are running around, and they're doing it kind of as quietly as they can because there's always a series unknowns, but people are predicting a wave election are doing so on the basis that they really think there's profound anger and disgust with Obama right now.
    I mentioned earlier in the program, Susan, that some people are afraid that this opposition, like the polling data here that we have on this story, "Americans worry, can government protect us?" A lot of Millennials have not lost faith in Obama; they've lost faith in the country. And so what you saw would help people, I think, realize that no, it's not that people have lost faith in the country. It's just that they're angry and there is no outlet for it. There is no political party representing what they think. That's why it's all happening in a vacuum and, when you saw it, it felt like it was the first time where you actually had it confirmed that you weren't alone.
    CALLER: Right. Exactly. And I told my husband, I said, "You know, that was probably the high point of the game for me." We did win, of course, but it was a positive thing for me thinking that maybe we can turn this thing around, because I'm as frustrated as the next person, but to hear people booing when his face came up -- actually it's very sad that it has to be that way. But it is what it is. He campaigned on this campus in 2008, when he won in 2008.
    RUSH: Right.
    CALLER: He came and campaigned there.
    RUSH: Right.
    CALLER: So, you know, he's a friend of the campus. And to me it was kind of creepy also. Are they playing this at all stadiums across the nation?
    RUSH: I have no idea. This the first I've heard of it. I wouldn't be surprised. So it's some PSA about everybody come together, work together, we're all one? What was it about? What was the point of it?
    CALLER: That was the point. Take care of each other.
    RUSH: Ah, jeez.
    CALLER: Yeah.
    RUSH: As though we don't. The thing that I resent about that -- folks, I'm not smirking at the premise. I'm smirking at the fact that, what, we don't help each other? We always have. Anyway, got time crunch problem here. Susan, thanks for the call.
    RUSH: This is Mike in Columbus, Nebraska. Mike, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello, sir.
    CALLER: Hey, Rush. Mega dittos.
    RUSH: Thank you, sir. Great to have you here.
    CALLER: Yeah. I wanted to expand upon your previous caller in the PSA at that Michigan State football game. It was a PSA for sexual assault, and it started off with your typical Hollywood famous people, and then they were flashing different people that were reading the same script. Biden was there in the middle, and then it ended with Obama, and when Obama came on the screen, the whole crowd booed as if the hometown quarterback just took a cheap shot. It wasn't just somewhat booing; it was a loud, very noticeable boo as if the hometown quarterback had taken a cheap shot.
    RUSH: Wait a second. Were you at the Michigan State game?
    CALLER: I was at the game. As a matter of fact, I jokingly said to my wife who was sitting right next to me -- 'cause our team was losing pretty handily at that point. I said, "That was the best part about this whole trip," and one of the Michigan State guys that was sitting about two rows in front of me turned around and gave me a high five.
    RUSH: (laughing) Not my experience with football games, but so it was a domestic...? You know, I think I saw one. There was a PSA in the NFL games I was watching. I saw it one time, and it was for domestic abuse -- and I remember when I saw it, I cringed.
    CALLER: Yeah, I've seen it on TV. It's an ad that's been playing on TV as well, so it wasn't nothing out of the ordinary. But the thing that really stood out at me is, I thought, "You know, here we are in Michigan, the heart of the unions." You know, Michigan State is only about an hour down the road from Detroit.
    RUSH: Right.
    CALLER: It was not just a little bit of chorus of boos. It was a loud boo for about five to six seconds when Obama came on, and I thought it was funny, and that lady was absolutely right. It was definitely noticeable, and it was directed at Obama being on the screen, and it made me feel good. It made the whole trip worth it.
    RUSH: Good. Good. I can relate totally to this. I know exactly how that woman felt. For the first time she felt like she wasn't alone. She's in a stadium full of tens of thousands of people, and for the first time in all this thinks that she's actually part of a big crowd of people that think this way. Now, can you give me some of the names, 'cause I'm trying to...?
    My memory of what I saw is really vague, and when I say, "I cringed," it's not that I cringe at the subject. It's so transparent. Okay, so the NFL is known in the last month for being a league where women get beat up, and so here comes, predictably, a PSA. It just seems so transparent. It's like it wouldn't have run if there hadn't been these incidents of spousal abuse. Obviously that makes sense, but it just --
    CALLER: It was definitely... You're exactly right.
    RUSH: Who were the actors and actresses in this thing? Do you recall the main ones that jump out at you?
    CALLER: The main one that jumps out at me is the lead actor from Mad Men. I forget what his name is, but he was kind of the lead guy, and Joe Biden was in there, and there were a couple of female actresses.
    RUSH: I don't think that's the one I saw. Jon Hamm? Is that the guy from Mad Men, the guy that plays Don Draper?
    CALLER: Yes. That's his character. I'm not sure of the actor's name.
    RUSH: That's not the one I saw. I should have paid closer attention. I should have made note of it.
    CALLER: I've seen it on TV, so it's probably easy to find on YouTube if somebody was just to dig around a little bit.
    RUSH: But, you know, using Don Draper? That's what people think. They don't know him as Jon Hamm. They don't know it's an actor. "Don Draper grew up in a whorehouse. Don Draper cheated on his wife all over the place. Don Draper..." These people, some of the choices they made, it's ironic. It's humorous. That'd have been like having Clinton in there.
    CALLER: Yeah, you're exactly right. I didn't even put two and two together on that, but that's exactly right. To have him be... He was the front man, I believe, on the ad if I remember correctly.
    RUSH: Okay, here's who's in it. It's Daniel Craig (James Bond), Benicio Del Toro, Dule Hill, Seth Meyers, and Steve Carell. So Jon Hamm's not in this, at least according to the source attempting to inform me of this at the moment.
    CALLER: Well, I'm not the authority on Hollywood actors. I'm horrible at names of different things. That's who I was thinking it was, but I could be wrong.
    RUSH: Well, I'm sure by now that Cookie, listening to the program, is trying to track this thing down. And we'll have it, I feel confidant, before the end of the program. I don't recognize any of these people in the thing I saw during NFL telecasts yesterday, but it was the same thing. It was how domestic abuse...
    I guess it's that, is there anybody for domestic abuse? Why...? The idea you have to have a PSA against it must... I don't know, folks. It's just me. It's just me. It seems like it's unnecessary. I don't know anybody who's in favor of domestic abuse. I guess maybe they're gonna blame that on the Republicans, too, at some point if they can find a way.
    Okay, there are two PSAs, and Jon Hamm is in one of them, so the caller was right. I had been misinformed at first. The second time today. But I'm always here to correct the mistakes of others and move on.
    Now, it is apparent what this is. You put Obama and Biden in these things, and what do you have? You've got a campaign ad! Exactly right, Mr. Snerdley. You have politics. Politics infects everything when the Democrats are involved in it, and so what this really is, is another phase, if you will, of the so-called Republican War on Women.
    When you put Obama and Biden in a so-called PSA that is designed to say that they are opposed to spousal abuse, domestic abuse, domestic violence, and they are engaged and trying to do something about it, the context is, the Republican War on Women. It's never stated. But, again, I keep falling back to, who's for it? Why do you need a PSA against it? Show me the lobbying group that's for domestic abuse. That's what makes it political, folks.
    RUSH: Here's the PSA. We've got the audio of the PSA that our callers saw air at the Michigan State football game. Quick, Snerdley: In what city in Michigan is Michigan State found? Okay, in what state is the...? (laughing) Okay, in what city is the University of Michigan found? Ann Arbor is where Michigan is. (interruption) That's right, Michigan State's in Lansing. It's a little pop quiz, just to check the knowledge of the staff.
    (chuckling) Asking a guy from Queens. There is no Michigan except on Election Day; then it matters. And here is the PSA that's led off with Jon Hamm. Here are the Hollywood people in it. Jon Hamm, Olivia Pope -- Kerry Washington, sorry -- Joel McHale, Rose Byrne (remember her from Damages), Kevin Love, Mayim Bialik and Randy Jackson together, and somebody called Questlove, and then Connie Britton. She's on Nashville. She's on Friday Night Lights. I never know how to pronounce it. Two T's, so I'm assuming it's Connie Brit-ton. And Jon Hamm and then Biden and then Obama. So here it is.
    HAMM: It's on us to stop sexual assault.
    WASHINGTON: To get in the way before it happens.
    MAN: To get a friend home safe.
    MCHALE: And to not blame the victim.
    BYRNE: It's on us.
    LOVE: To look out for each other.
    JACKSON/BIALIK: To not look the other way.
    QUESTLOVE: It's on us to stand up.
    BRITTON: To step in.
    HAMM: To take responsibility.
    BIDEN: It's on us, all of us to stop sexual assault.
    OBAMA: Learn how and take the pledge at
    RUSH: Well, at least there's not a hashtag. How far away can that be, though, a hashtag? (interruption) Ask it. What's the question? (interruption) What is the...? (interruption) All right, now, now, now, now... (interruption) Okay, the question is, "How is it 'on us' to stop sexual assault?" Well, it's on you to not beat up your wife. They're also saying if you see somebody beating up their spouse, you're supposed to step in and stop it.
    And then you're not supposed to blame the victim, and then you're not supposed to look the other way, and then Jon Hamm said to "take responsibility," and then Biden said, "It's on us, all of us. Learn how and take the pledge at," and that's when the place booed like crazy when Obama came up in the finale of the 30-second PSA. I'm telling you, this is exactly why this makes it political.
    The point of this PSA, if you strip everything away -- and if you take these people at their word -- what they mean is we're permitting this to happen, and we better stop it. We are allowing it to happen. We're not assuming responsibility, we're not interceding, we're not getting in the way of it, we're not stopping it. We are letting it happen. It's on us. It's on all of us. We are failing to prevent it.
    This is an attempt to ladle guilt out on everybody, and don't tell me I'm making too much of this, 'cause I know exactly how these people think. I know how to connect the dots between the way these people think and what their desired political outcome is on this. This is not just a feel-good thing, and it's not just something to make you think these people are enlightened and know the right and wrong here.
    What they're telling you is you don't know what's right and wrong until they tell you, and now they're telling you that it's wrong, and you'd better do something about it. It's not that they're accusing everybody of being sexual abusers. They're saying, "We're all responsible unless we intercede and stop it." The broad-based meaning is we have a cultural problem. It's all on us. This is happening because you and you and you and you over there and you are not doing enough to stop it.
    You're not doing enough to care. You are probably witnessing it! You are seeing it taking place, and you are looking the other way. You are not trying to stop it, you are not reporting it, and therefore it's not only on the perp, it's on you -- much the same way climate destruction is on you. Same thinking here, same attempt at guilting everybody into accepting a proper political perspective on this.
    Here's Karen in Brighton, Michigan. You're next. Great to have you on the program. Hello.
    CALLER: Yes. Hi, Rush. Glad to talk to you. I am a former graduate of Michigan State University and it is located in East Lansing, Michigan. I was thrilled to hear the previous caller mention the fact that the whole stadium booed when Obama came over the PA or the picture of him. I think we're all just fed up. Those of us with families and people that we care about, we want to know why the CDC is lying to us about the whole Ebola virus, why they're not shutting down the borders, why they're letting these people into West Africa.
    RUSH: Wait. Wait. There is... Again, it's political, but there is an explanation for why they're not shutting down the border. And you know it as well as I do. They can't shut down the border because as soon as everybody forgets about this, they're gonna do amnesty. They can't shut down the border to these people and keep it open for others. They're never gonna shut the border. They're not gonna shut the border because Obama and whoever else wants to do amnesty. So if the price for that is Ebola patients getting into this country, that's just what we're gonna have to pay, 'cause they are not gonna shut the border, Karen.
    CALLER: Okay, so they're gonna kill off the whole population? That's what I'm concerned about.
    RUSH: (sigh) No, no.
    CALLER: This is what I'm concerned about.
    RUSH: Don't anybody... I'm not saying that. But, you know what? I totally... When you say that you and everybody else are fed up, I know. I have been fed up since before January of 2009. I have been waiting six years for people to join me in being fed up. Now, you've probably been fed up for much longer than I know, but the fact is you are one of millions who are fed up. You're fed up with the way the economy is being ignored. You're fed up with the way the health care is being ignored.
    You're fed up with Obamacare. You're fed up with all of it. You're fed up with the fact that there aren't any jobs to have. You're fed up that there's no great career advancement possible. You're fed up with all kinds of things. You're fed up with the president apologizing for the country. You're fed up with the squandered opportunities that exist. You're fed up that you have no political leadership in Washington for what you believe. Everybody's fed up, except they don't know that everybody else is fed up with them, 'cause that story is just not told.
    So when you see a PSA like this and the whole stadium erupts in a boo?
    You feel like you're part of the crowd.
    RUSH: I have a quick question: How many of these Hollywood people, actresses and actors, called out Bill Clinton when Paula Jones accused him of sexual harassment? How many people interceded to stop Bill Clinton from his behavior of, say, Kathleen Willey, hmm? How many of 'em?
    RUSH: By the way, folks, didn't we have an audiotape of Hillary Clinton chuckling about how she got some child rapist off with a lesser sentence back when she was practicing law in Arkansas? Did anybody in Hollywood call her out for that? Anybody running around saying, "It's on us"? I remember, that audiotape came out back in June.
    It was a recording of an interview with Hillary Clinton, in which she told an Arkansas journalist how she obtained a plea bargain for a guy accused of raping a 12-year-old girl, despite her indication that she knew he was guilty. She was chuckling about it. The man in question was 41 years old, and that tape of Mrs. Clinton chuckling, there's a YouTube link for it. I may in fact try get that ready before the program ends today.
    Anyway, great to have you back. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network, and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.
    Yeah, this is again what grates on me, folks. There's something about this that's just phony. Jon Hamm: "It's on us to stop sexual assault." Where were you when Paula Jones was around? Where were you when Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey were all telling us about Bill Clinton's predatory behavior toward them?
    Kerry Washington: "It's on us to stop sexual assault, to get in the way before it happens." Where were you when Clinton was running loose?
    Jon Hamm: "It's on us to take responsibility."
    Biden: "It's on us. It's on all of us to stop sexual assault." But these people look the other way when it's Ted Kennedy. They look the other way when it's Bill Clinton. They look the other way when it's one of them. And, by the way, there is a hashtag for this now. #it'sonus. There is a hashtag for it.
    RUSH: Steve in Fort Wayne, Indiana, welcome and glad you waited. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.
    CALLER: Hey, Rush. How are you?
    RUSH: Pretty well, thank you.
    CALLER: At the beginning of your show today you talked about the poll that said a large number were saying they're gonna use the upcoming elections to say how unhappy they were.
    RUSH: Yeah.
    CALLER: And I guess what bothered me so much was for 10 years I went back and forth to eastern Europe, to Belarus, and they've got the last dictator in Europe there, Alexander Lukashenko, and I would have all these people saying, "Oh, you know, he's terrible. He's awful." And the same thing would happen. They'd show a picture of his or something and everybody would boo, and yet 90% voted for him. And when you would talk to them, 'cause you'd press 'em, "What you said, you couldn't possibly have voted for him," and yet, you know, are they rigging the elections or what's happening? And then they would admit that they voted for him.
    RUSH: You know what the phenomenon is -- and I know exactly what you're talking about. Same thing that happens here.
    CALLER: Yeah.
    RUSH: You take a poll of people and they hate Congress, but they love their guy. They hate the Senate, but they like their guy. So they'll rail against the Senate, rail against Congress, and they'll vote for their guy. That's been common in this country for, jeez, ever since I've been paying attention. Now, this particular poll that you cite, specified Obama, specified that 90% are fed up with Obama and a huge percentage, not 90, but a huge percentage say that their vote is gonna be a message to Obama, how unhappy they are, how much they disapprove of Obama.
    Well, fine and dandy. Obama's not on the ballot. If they don't associate their congressman or Senator with Obama, then it won't matter. In North Carolina, if this matters it means all these people would vote against Kay Hagan. She's the Democrat incumbent, but the polls have her in front. So it's the same phenomenon here.
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    NYT/CBS Polls: Republicans Have 'Inside Track' to Senate Majority, But...

    Guy Benson | Oct 07, 2014

    A new batch of polling from the New York Times, CBS News and YouGov contains some encouraging news for the GOP -- although the tug-of-war over control of the US Senate remains fluid and very close. From the Times' write-up:
    The fight for control of the Senate is stable and tight, with Republicans maintaining the inside track to a majority in the latest round of data from the New York Times/CBS News/YouGov online panel of more than 100,000 respondents. The Republicans lead by at least four percentage points in enough races to finish with 50 seats — just one short of the 51 seats they need to overcome Joe Biden’s tiebreaking vote and take the Senate. The Republicans’ likely gains include six seats currently held by the Democrats: in South Dakota, Montana, West Virginia, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alaska.

    "Hold your horses," you may be muttering to yourself, "wouldn't those six wins give the GOP the seats they need to take over the upper chamber?" They would...if the race in Kansas wasn't presenting major headaches for incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Roberts. In the event that Democrats' proxy candidate (they got their own elected candidate tossed off the ballot) wins in the heartland, the GOP's path to netting six Democrat-held seats becomes significantly more difficult. A new Marist/NBC News poll has Roberts down ten points, while the NYT/CBS/YouGov survey shows an exact tie. Be sure to check out this latest nonsense from "Independent" Greg Orman. Some other results from contests for Democrat-held seats from the big new data wave (including leaners):

    Montana: Rep. Steve Daines (R) leads Amanda Curtis (D) by 21 points (55/34).South Dakota: Mike Rounds (R) leads Rick Weiland (D) by 15 points (42/27).
    West Virginia: Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R) leads Natalie Tennant (D) by 23 points (56/33).
    Alaska: Dan Sullivan (R) leads Sen. Mark Begich (D) by six points (48/42).
    Arkansas: Rep. Tom Cotton (R) leads Sen. Mark Pryor (D) by four points (45/41).
    Louisiana: Rep. Bill Cassidy (R) leads Sen. Mary Landrieu by six points (47/41) in a run-off scenario.
    These numbers also show Republican-held seats in Georgia (Perdue +4) and Kentucky (McConnell +6) remaining in GOP hands. McConnell's lead in Kentucky falls in line with most other polling of the race, although two other recent polls showed Grimes ahead by a whisker. All else being equal, if Republicans want to demote Harry Reid, they'll need to find one more piece to this puzzle. To that end, the NYT/CBS/YouGov figures reveal a handful of statistical ties: North Carolina (Hagan +1), Iowa (Braley +1), Colorado (Udall +3) and, again, Kansas (tie). Two other new polls in the Iowa contest show an exact tie, and Ernst up by two. A fresh poll from a Democratic pollster shows Colorado all tied up at 45 apiece. In terms of the national political environment, multiple signs point to a Republican advantage, with the Washington Post noting the "striking" similarities between the 2006 and 2014 cycles. We explored those parallels here. Over on the House side, Democrats are actively engaged in triage:
    House Democrats, facing strong political headwinds, are shifting millions of dollars of TV advertising away from 2014 challengers in order to prop up some of their most vulnerable incumbents. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is scaling back on planned commercial airtime in 11 Republican-held districts, the group said Monday. Those resources will be used to help four Democratic lawmakers facing treacherous reelection campaigns and two other candidates in districts that Democrats are trying to win from Republicans. The spending decisions come four weeks before a midterm election that is proving perilous to Democrats, who are 17 seats deep into the House minority and are almost certain to see their delegation shrink further. Many Democratic strategists privately concede they are likely to lose about six seats — a total that could grow should the environment deteriorate further.
    Time for some more creepy, stalker-esque fundraising emails, perhaps?
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    Sean Hannity

    Frank Luntz told Sean Hannity that the most vulnerable Republican candidate in the midterm election is Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas. Luntz emphasized that voters could give the Democrats the majority in the Senate, if they vote Roberts out of office.

    Frank Luntz counts down to Election Day 2014

    Oct. 07, 2014 - 8:07 - Races that could shift the balance of power in the Senate
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    Lyndon LaRouche's September 26th 2014 Webcast

    Published on Sep 27, 2014

    Lyndon LaRouche's September 26th 2014 Webcast...
    Dennis Small of EIR joins Ben Deniston of the LaRouchePAC Basement Team to discuss several engaging topics in this international broadcast. The BRICS+ nations, and their continued elaboration of the right of sovereignty, was just one such subject. Matthew Ogden hosts.
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    Conservative Lady

    WATCH: Michael Savage: Only GOP Senate Will Stop 'Coming Civil War'

    WATCH: Michael Savage: Only GOP Senate Will Stop ‘Coming Civil War’
    Take-no-prisoners radio host Michael Savage has a plan to save America from ruin: Republicans must take back the Senate.

    WATCH: Michael Savage: Only GOP Senate Will Stop ‘Coming Civil War’

    Posted on Thursday, October 9th, 2014 at 6:17 pm.
    by: Suzanne Reisig Olden

    Take-no-prisoners radio host Michael Savage has a plan to save America from ruin: Republicans must take back the Senate.
    “People have the power in 30 days to save America and stop the coming civil war,” Savage, author of the new book “Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth,” said Thursday on “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV, referring to the pivotal midterm elections.

    1st Audio tape at the page link:

    “My goal in the book is to replace the Senate with the Republicans. Even though they’re RINOs [Republicans in name only], they’re more reachable because they’re more frightened than the Democrats and we can get them at town hall meetings and make them do our bidding.
    “That’s the strategy here. We’ve got to take the Senate back. As far as Obama with his executive orders, they’ve got to impeach him the day they have the power … stop his agenda in its tracks. That’s the entire strategy in this book.”
    Savage said the president has damaged the nation with his policies — something Americans need to understand.
    “If everyone … went out and shared [the book] with one person who might be a Democrat or might be an independent and came to understand the damage he has done and could do to this country, they would understand we do have the power to save the country,” he said.
    Savage, whose program is one of the biggest syndicated talk shows in nation, said Obama “declared civil war” on American society the day he entered the White House.
    “Didn’t he say he was going to be a transformational president? Didn’t he say he was going to transform America? Well look back over six years,” Savage said.
    “There’s been a war on our military. Can anyone argue that he’s not decimated the military? There’s been a war on our borders, who could argue that I’m wrong about that?
    “There’s been a war on our civil rights, there’s been a war on our schools, there’s been a war on our allies like Israel. That is why I wrote ‘Stop the Coming Civil War.’

    2nd Audio tape at the page link:

    Savage said the commander-in-chief is “much cleverer” than anyone can imagine and shouldn’t be underestimated.
    “He didn’t become president by being stupid. The idiots who are saying that he’s given up or he’s a lame duck presidency are absolutely wrong,” Savage said.
    “He is in six years managed to destroy the country’s chief institutions. The fact of the matter is with two more years we’re not going to survive.
    “We will not exist as a nation with firm borders, with a single language, and with a cohesive culture … He has been conducting a civil war on America’s institution since the day he seized power.”
    Savage said the president has displayed incompetence in the handling of the growing Ebola crisis.
    “He could have stopped this. It’s getting out of control. This is a nightmare, but it shows us how incompetent the man really is,” he said, adding that the growth of the Islamic State is also Obama’s fault.
    “ISIS, they just took another city. What kind of impotent air war is this that he’s conducting? It is utter nonsense. Everything he touches is a fraud,” Savage said.
    “It’s simple. You have nations infected with Ebola in Africa, you have surrounding nations not infected with Ebola. The surrounding nations ruled by African dictators do not let travel between the infected nations and their nation.
    “So what does it teach us? It teaches us that third world dictatorships in Africa have more intelligent leadership than we do in the White House … This is insanity … We’re seeing an infection that does not have to be here, shouldn’t have been here. Close the borders, stop the flights.”

    Related posts:

    1. [Watch] Boehner Lawsuit to Focus on Obama Writing His Own Laws – Hiding Behind a Judge’s Robe
    2. Immigration Cruz Control

    Tags: democrat, gop, independent, michael savage, obama, republicans, senate
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    Michael Savage Warns of Impending Civil War In America
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