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    Easing Way For Illegal Aliens Will Hasten End Of U.S.

    Easing way for illegal aliens will hasten end of U.S.
    Glenn Spencer - Arizona Daily Star
    Easing entrants' way will hasten end of U.S.

    By Glenn Spencer

    Humane Borders seeks to save lives by providing water to people who enter the United States illegally by crossing the desert. They say these people are fleeing economic disaster in their homelands. They also say that people are dying because of U.S. policies.

    In a December 2003 report, World Bank Senior Economist Daniel Lederman observed: "When you look at Mexican development in the long run, the worrisome aspect is that there seems to be something holding Mexico back …." Lederman shows how Mexico is being held back by lawlessness and corruption. Mexicans are fleeing an "economic disaster" that is the direct result of Mexican government policies and practices.

    The Mexican government has another policy: encouraging illegal immigration.

    In the March 8, 2001, issue of The News in Mexico City, President Fox's border czar advised would-be illegal immigrants: "If the Border Patrol finds you, try again." Recently, the Mexican government began distributing comic books that show how to invade the United States. "It's a how to illegally cross, not how to legally enter (the United States)," Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano complained.

    Because of government propaganda, Mexicans believe they have a right, if not a duty, to come the United States. "We have an obligation to come and fight to cross the border," one migrant told a TV reporter. Mexico is not only exporting its poor, it is seeking to reverse the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, thereby placing the American Southwest under its jurisdiction. Mexican officials call it "la reconquista."

    Plato said, "Only the dead have seen an end to war." Poor Mexicans are being sent to their deaths in much the same way soldiers have died for millennia: to conquer territory. This is a demographic war of irredentists, but it is a war nevertheless.

    Under President Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico decided to restrict external investment. Rather than their being overwhelmed by our dollars, we would be overwhelmed by their people. This coincided well with their dream of "la reconquista."

    In a May 30 radio documentary, the BBC reported, "The Latinization of California is nothing short of a revolution." They go on to say, "Whether Latinos then decide to push for greater autonomy, to seek a political agenda of their own with closer ties to Mexico and Central America, is very much up for grabs." The BBC is saying that the sovereignty of the United States is "up for grabs."

    Greedy businesses profit from slave labor, just as they did in the 18th century. For this and other reasons, our government looks the other way as people die in the desert. Could we stop it? Yes.

    The Minuteman Project showed two things: Responsible Americans are fed up with government malfeasance, and with enough resources, illegal immigration can be stopped.

    American Border Patrol has demonstrated that technology such as ground sensors coupled with unmanned aerial vehicles can track just about everyone crossing the desert, especially at night. Government tests of UAVs confirmed this. Yet, despite promises by the president and the urging of Congress, and despite the fact that Fort Huachuca is the training center for Army UAVs, they are a rare sight in the skies over the desert Southwest. This is malfeasance.

    What should be done? The president should dispatch whatever resources are necessary, including the National Guard, to stop illegal immigration immediately. In the longer run, Congress should set a specific goal and timetable for the Department of Homeland Security to do the job. I suggest a goal of no more than 20,000 illegal border crossers by the year 2008. An independent agency should monitor the border and report to Congress on the actual number of illegal aliens that get past the Border Patrol.

    Humane Borders is playing into the hands of Mexico and its dreams of territorial domination. If this weren't bad enough, by raising false hopes of migrants that they will find water when needed, they may well be causing even more deaths than if they did nothing.

    If we follow Humane Borders' lead, America will put out the welcome mat to any and all who wish to come to our country. We are already on the road to national suicide. Humane Borders is asking us to hit the accelerator.

    Glenn Spencer is president of American Border Patrol, a Hereford-based group that monitors illegal border crossings and uploads the results to its Web site. Contact him at
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    RIP Butterbean! We miss you and hope you are well in heaven.-- Your ALIPAC friends

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    It sounds very dramatic, but I agree.

    We are allowing people who are basically illiterate to become citizens of this country under current and proposed plans. They have not ever been to school and listen to commerical radio stations that support their demands for the right to abuse immigration law. Those commerical radio stations are the primary source for information and we are very actively shoot ourselves in the foot when we continue on this course.

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    Humane Borders is just a new name for Open Borders.

    It doesn't have anything to do with humanity, only money for Globalists who want to "take out" the Americans.

    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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