A message from Roy...

On election night next Tuesday, please come often to the NumbersUSA website for how the voting is affecting immigration-reform prospects next year.

As I have done the past four congressional elections, I will be up all night analyzing the returns. This year, several of the NumbersUSA staff will be working through the night as well to keep the "Vote Tracker" page updated.

Voter Tracker

And I will be putting my analysis in my home page blog early in the evening and then updating it through the night.

We will be tracking congressional races in which the incumbent is considered vulnerable, and races in which open seats could change Party. We'll also be tracking critical state races and propositions. Our "Vote Tracker" page Vote Tracker will show results for all those races, helping you make your own assessment by providing the immigration grades for each of the incumbents.

If you see anything happening in your locale that I'm not including, just type in your information in the Comments section at the end of my blog so I can take a look at it.

Finally, I encourage you to go to our True Reform Candidates page and take a look at the races in which candidates have gone the extra mile to identify themselves as True Reform Candidates True Reform Candidates who have taken our survey and met our criteria. We don't require 100% agreement with our stances, but pretty close. Note that we do NOT endorse candidates. But anybody who wants to be seen as a True Reform Candidate deserves careful consideration.