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Thread: Elections Have Consequences: Sweden Moves To Reform Naturalization

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    Elections Have Consequences: Sweden Moves To Reform Naturalization

    Elections Have Consequences: Sweden Moves To Reform Naturalization


    Elections have consequences.

    Those who thought Donald Trump was not good enough for them and worked to suppress white turnout gave us 5 million illegal aliens.

    Not good for white Americans or the Historic American Nation. Other nations have elections, and the rise of the right in Sweden is having its first consequences.

    The Riksdag majority has moved to seriously improve their naturalization law.

    The Swedish government announced on Thursday, September 7th, a decision to overhaul its current system of obtaining citizenship, officially launching an investigation into how to most efficiently tighten the rules, SVT reported.

    “Swedish citizenship marks membership in Swedish society and has a very high value, both legally and symbolically,” Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergard said, explaining the rationale behind the government’s decision.

    Among other things, the officials proposed requiring further knowledge of Swedish culture, advanced language proficiency, proof of self-sufficiency, and no criminal record.

    Sweden To Tighten Citizenship Laws, by Tamás Orbán, The European Conservative, September 8, 2023

    I proposed that the Trump Administration use their administrative authority to improve our naturalization standards at the beginning of the Trump term, but little was done.

    I described the hollowness of the current naturalization process and testing back in 2012 [English Language Requirement For Naturalization? Not!, by Federale, VDare, July 20, 2012].

    I advised the then new Trump Administration how they can have an immediate impact in 2016 [What Trump Can Do Immediately, By Executive Order: Re-Americanize The Citizenship Test, by Federale, VDare, November 22, 2016].

    The Swedes are on the right track. The new process will demand not just minimal ability in Swedish, but mastery, as well as having no criminal record, and be gainfully employed.

    ”An investigator will have to look at where exactly the line would be for ‘an honest life,’ but it is clear that it is not about a single speeding ticket,” the minister said. “We also think it is reasonable that you have a good command of the Swedish language and that you are self-supporting.”

    Furthermore, the government proposed increasing the required time one must be a permanent resident in the country before being able to apply for citizenship from the current 4-5 years to eight years. “These are reasonable requirements that contribute to better integration and that we should now impose on Swedish citizenship,” Stenergard added.

    As soon as the proposed changes are in place, Sweden will go from being one of the easiest countries to become a new citizen to having one of the toughest citizenship requirements in Europe.

    It is a start, following on the heels of restrictions on asylum and family reunification.

    Sadly, the Trump Administration did not get a new naturalization examination regime in place until 2020, four years after my sage advice, but continued the D student standard, just with more questions. But it was immediately cancelled by the Biden Regime.

    Consequently, the onus is on Congress to make any changes permanent with legislation, which should include an examination with a minimal passing score of 80%, a B student at least to get citizenship, no waivers of the examination or English language ability, end naturalization of aliens with misdemeanor or felony convictions, and, importantly, actually have allegiance to the nation and the ideals of the Founding.

    But the most important part would be prohibiting dual citizenship for aliens who naturalize. That would make denaturalization the punishment for any alien who maintains their previous citizenship or obtains any other citizenship.

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