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Thread: Electoral College Seals Defeat of Anti-Trump Elites

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    Electoral College Seals Defeat of Anti-Trump Elites

    Electoral College Seals Defeat of Anti-Trump Elites

    Establishment forces that have waged total war on the president-elect suffer a final rebuff

    by Eddie Zipperer | Updated 20 Dec 2016 at 7:25 AM

    President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory is finally official! Despite death threats aimed at Republican electors, the mainstream media’s anti-Trump hyperbole storm, and the great red scare of 2016, the Electoral College met and voted for Trump just as the American people instructed them to.

    “If all 232 Democratic electors pledge to reach across the aisle and vote for a Republican alternative to Trump,” Michael Cannon of the Washington Post daydreamed a few weeks ago, “it would take just 38 GOP electors to make that person the next president.” But elitist election-heist schemes like this one lost the day to democracy.

    By allowing themselves to become the party of Hollywood celebrities, rock stars, billionaires, and other elites, the Democratic party has severed ties with the masses.

    The most entertaining anti-Democratic attempt to crush the will of the people came from a PAC called Unite For America, which put together a long-faced ad starring POTUS-for-pretend on television Martin Sheen and other quasi-celebrities of little consequence. Unite for America should superimposed the names of the ad’s unrecognizable cast. The pseudo-celebs featured weren’t exactly Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence. Hell, they weren’t even Oliver Stone and Martin Lawrence.

    In retrospect, the ad’s star power lacked the luminosity to accomplish great feats of political singularity. Not too many people are going to flip their worldview as a result of Martin Sheen’s urging. And anyone who does take political advice from Martin Sheen should be forced to allow George Wendt to prepare their taxes and George Clooney to perform emergency surgery on them. I don’t know exactly how reliable Martin Sheen’s political acumen is when Aaron Sorkin isn’t there to write it for him, but I do know he supplied half of Charlie Sheen’s DNA, which invites skepticism.

    Leave it to the always-entertaining American Left to be pushing for a constitutional amendment that eliminates the Electoral College while simultaneously singing hymns of thanksgiving to Federalist 68. What else can you expect from people who take private jets to their climate change summits and label those who dare disagree with them as intolerant?

    But, in the end, their hysteria-ridden narrative accomplished nothing. There was never any chance of flipping 37 Republican electors. Neither PACs, pundits, nor protests could convince the electors to derail democracy. No number of references to Federalist 68 could do it, and neither could the constant invocation of the name of their favorite Founding Father, Broadway sensation Alexander Hamilton.

    It's fitting that today's progressives would rally around the ideas of Alexander Hamilton — the leader of the High Federalists — an extreme faction of the mainstream Federalist Party. This was the party of George Washington (unofficially) and John Adams; it should have existed for a century or more. Instead, it barely outlived Hamilton.

    What killed the Federalist Party? Its elitist nature and aristocratic appeal to the wealthiest Americans were antithetical to the democratic spirit of the time. Sound familiar? It's the exact path today's Democratic Party is headed down. It spits in the face of potential mainstream saviors like Tim Ryan, Jim Webb, and Joe Manchin while doubling down on demagogues like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. They'd rather blame the system for their losses and become extinct than adapt to their political environment and broaden their appeal.

    By allowing themselves to become the party of Hollywood celebrities, rock stars, billionaires, and other elites, the Democratic Party has severed ties with the masses. Just look at the 2016 election as a microcosm. Hillary Clinton had Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Stephen Colbert, George Clooney, Robert De Niro, Mark Cuban, and Michael Bloomberg in her corner. Trump just had a basket of no-name patriots.

    This was not the first attempt to stop Trump. The Establishment's political machine has used all the money, power, and influence at its disposal trying to defeat him for the last year and a half. They exhausted every check on democracy that exists in our republican system, and it all failed. Consider the near-constant predictions that each obstacle faced by Trump from announcing his candidacy to his Electoral College victory would be his undoing, coupled with the frantic excuses to delegitimize his victory:

    1.) Trump will never win the most delegates.
    2.) Trump will win the most delegates, but he won't get to 1,237 delegates.
    3.) Free the delegates!
    4.) It's getting real now. All mainstream media joins together to stop Trump.

    5.) Trump can't get to 270 to win the general election. Not possible. No path. Clinton has a Rust Belt firewall, and McMuffin is winning Utah.
    6.) Election night pundit debates: Will Clinton win in the biggest landslide ever or just a modest landslide?
    7.) Voting machines might have been hacked; we need a recount.
    8.) Fake News!
    9.) The Russians!
    10.) Abolish the Electoral College!
    11.) Thank God for the Electoral College! The electors must vote their consciences, and their consciences must not say Trump.

    Trump's electoral victory is a shining moment in American democracy and a true display of what the voice of the people can overcome.

    It overpowered 16 strong GOP competitors, the mainstream media, all the pundits, elite politicians in both parties, most of the foreign policy Establishment, super PAC spending, both major party Establishments, smear campaigns from former GOP big-wigs like Mitt Romney and John Kasich, and even smear-campaigning by a very popular sitting president. The voice of the people carried Trump through the entire election process and every Establishment roadblock.

    The reason the Left fears Donald Trump is not that they believe he's a dangerous demagogue. It's that he's an existential threat — not to democracy — to the Democratic Party, which has been hijacked by the destructive progressive agenda. And every Trump success over the next four years, every presidential action that strengthens America, will cause more refugees to flee the failed progressive ideology.

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    It was very exciting watching all the Trump states turn "red" on the electoral college voting map, not as much fun as watching the election returns on November 8th, but damn close!!

    Congratulations to Donald Trump and all his Trump Supporters and Electors! And thank you so much. Everyone will be part of one of the most important and historic elections in US history, the Presidential election that gave Americans back their country. Lets use these years wisely and use them quickly, there is lots to be done and this will require the work, ideas, determination, energy and spirit of every single one of US.

    United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

    UNITE AMERICA so we can get back to work fixing our country, our industry, our job base, our incomes, our borders, our lives and well-being!!! One nation, one people, saluting one American flag of these United States of America!!

    Oh goodness, I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!!
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