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    By Frosty Wooldridge
    June 27, 2005

    Remember a chalkboard full of math problems at the head of a classroom back in grade school? Did you ever erase that board? Did you realize that everything that was recorded on the chalkboard was lost forever once you erased it? It may have been of little consequence back then, but what if you erased your country’s ability to function?

    Today, after 229 years of building a successful society, our political leaders and corporations force citizens into an experiment that will erase America. The Free Trade Areas of the Americas will destroy America’s most precious treasure: sovereignty. They’re forcing us into another kind of merger like the European Union. Those are all First World countries. We’re forced to open our borders to failed governments and economies in Mexico, Central and South America.

    “In this gloomy future, most American factories are shuttered and the American manufacturing sector has relocated to Central and South America, where wages are far cheaper and workers are willing to work for much longer hours,� said Steve Bonta in the New American Magazine, March 2004. “If allowed to manifest, the American economy will consist of service sector jobs. Unemployment in excess of 20 percent will be a permanent feature of the economic landscape.�

    Bonta continues, “Crime rates will skyrocket as gang warfare among burgeoning rival immigrant communities cripples America’s inner cities, while terrorists’ attacks, both by Islamic extremists and ethnic minority malcontents become commonplace.�

    Newsweek recently reported a jump of MS-13 Gangs from Central America from 8,000 members in 28 cities to over 11,000 members in 33 states in only 12 months. They distribute the $128 billion annual drug distribution into the USA. They also kill, extort, rape and promote Third World sex trade in our major cities. They are vicious and they’re coming to your city even faster as our borders vaporize with FTAA.

    Everyday, the United Nations and powerful financial banking interests plot the destruction of our sovereign nation. It would change or ‘harmonize’ U.S. law to match those of Third World countries like Mexico, El Salvador and Columbia. They are failed governments and failed economiesâ€

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    SIXX!! I love it..the new GOP!! So true...

    WAKE UP...GOP!!

    It's Tuesday and a resounding NO VOTE ON CAFTA or you're out of business, Buds.

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    Get your fingers warmed up everyone, we have a lot of phone calls to make today. Thanks for the article Sixx, I love Frosty, he tells it like it is...
    Equal rights for all, special privileges for none. Thomas Jefferson

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    So tommorow we will know the future of America and whos side the Govt is really on? I bet they somehow cancel the vote the in Senate.

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