Obama hasn't made time to visit the border since the immigration crisis began!

You won't believe what he's been doing instead!

'Et tu, MSNBC?' Network depicts 'a presidency imploding' [pic]

‘Et tu, MSNBC?’ Network depicts ‘a presidency imploding’ [pic]

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Andrew Johnson @AndrewE_Johnson Follow Rep. Cuellar (D., Texas): Obama’s pool outing photos “floored me” — can’t believe he did that instead of visit the border
12:10 PM - 9 Jul 2014

Noah Rothman @NoahCRothman Follow On MSNBC, split screen: Dem Rep. Cuellar calling Obama "aloof" alongside Obama playing billiards.
12:11 PM - 9 Jul 2014

We’re actually not all that shocked that President Priorities would shoot pool instead of dealing with the worsening border crisis. What is surprising is that MSNBC’s graphics department would take notice:

Katherine Miller @katherinemiller
12:22 PM - 9 Jul 2014

Who’d’a thunk MSNBC would dare paint The One in a less than stellar light?

Stacey-SisterToldjah @sistertoldjah
! RT @AndrewStilesUSA: RT @katherinemiller:
12:28 PM - 9 Jul 2014

Film Ladd @FilmLadd
Did someone break into the MSNBC studios and take over? RT @katherinemiller:
12:23 PM - 9 Jul 2014

Brian Faughnan @BrianFaughnan
Et tu, MSNBC? RT @NoahCRothman: This is what a presidency imploding looks like.
12:17 PM - 9 Jul 2014

Tom Nichols @TheWarRoom_Tom
Unfair using Fox graphics. Oh.RT @NoahCRothman: This is what a presidency imploding looks like.
12:21 PM - 9 Jul 2014

Wonder if MSNBC’s gonna get an angry call from the White House. After all, this doesn’t exactly improve the president’s streak of bad optics.

Tim Peck @timothypeck
Heck of a job. ~ RT @katherinemiller:
12:30 PM - 9 Jul 2014

Noah Rothman @NoahCRothman
This is what a presidency imploding looks like.
12:16 PM - 9 Jul 2014

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