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    FBI Says Investigation Wonít Be Over by Election Day

    They have enough evidence right now w/o going thru every email to strip her security clearance NOW! comey has been sitting on this all month and he will try to thwart this investigation every which way he can. Classified emails on a multi hacked server and shared with a person w/o security clearance - enough said.

    FBI Says Investigation Won’t Be Over by Election Day

    Reports indicate that FBI officials were unlikely to complete their review of new emails that could be related to the investigation into Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s private server before the general election on Nov. 8. In other words, no matter how hard Team Clinton works to spin this story or deflect attention from it, it isn’t going away.
    Officials told CNN they were meeting and debating whether they had room to clarify the situation without harming the investigation that resulted from the FBI discovering the emails on a laptop belonging to scandal-plagued ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner, estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

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    They also said the initial work of cataloging the emails could be done in the next few days.

    However, it could take longer for the FBI and other federal agencies to determine if any classified materials were among the newly discovered emails. Any resolution prior to the election wasn’t likely, and that’s not good news for Clinton, no matter how you look at it.
    The new email revelations have hurt Clinton, and there’s no doubt they will hurt her after Nov. 8. Regardless of the outcome of the election, she will be forced to continue to work with an FBI that she detests and account for the actions she took along with the many lies she has told.

    This mess is far from over — and Clinton, along with every Democrat, knows it. She is not likely to be forgiven of wrongdoing because of what we already know of her mishandling classified documents and because of her possible obstruction of justice.
    Even if nothing is found on the Weiner laptop, there is evidence of more lying and covering up from the Clinton campaign.
    In fact, Team Clinton has a lot of damage control ahead, and surviving the election is just the first part of it.

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    corsi knew in August @ huma/hillary emails to the yahoo account - where was comey in August on that?

    ALERT: Clinton Insider Says “Biggest Scandal in US History” About to Break

    Jerome Corsi, an investigative reporter for WND who has reported extensively on the email scandal that has plagued Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, just predicted the biggest scandal in U.S. history was about to break.

    Corsi, author of “Partners in Crime,” said he knew something was askew when he first realized in August that top Clinton aide Huma Abedin forwarded work-related emails to her private Yahoo email account, which was completely insecure.

    He also said Clinton was doing the same thing.

    “Hillary was sending emails from to Huma Abedin at They were both involved, and they completely compromised the State Department security, because anybody that had the password or username could read, in unredacted form, all these emails in real time,” he said.

    Corsi said there should be no doubt as to the criminality of Abedin and Clinton forwarding emails onto Abedin’s Yahoo account.

    “That’s obviously a major felony in violation of federal security laws for handling classified information,” he said. “You can’t do that.”

    He went to explain that the rules for handling classified materials are that they must be handled through secured channels.

    “Clearly, sending these emails to — and we know some of them had classified material because they’ve been marked classified — is a violation of the law, and it doesn’t require intent,” he added.

    Corsi believed the scandal was about to explode because he believed Clinton and Abedin moved all those emails to prepare for a pay-to-play scheme.

    Corsi referenced an email that surfaced after WikiLeaks released emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s email account. In that email, Podesta suggested to former Clinton State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills that someone should get rid of all unidentified emails.

    “This is a crime scheme that stinks,” Corsi said. “I think this is going to be the biggest scandal in U.S. history, and it’s just about to break.”

    It’s hard to disagree with him at this point. The amount of recent evidence that appears to suggest that Clinton lied about, well, almost everything concerning her private email server, is bad.

    Also working against Clinton in this recent discovery is her shady pay-to-play scheme, in which the former secretary of state sold access to government favors for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

    It’s frightening to think what this woman would sell or compromise as president.

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