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    Federal Holidays: Thought For Trump and Congress

    Here's the list of Federal Holidays.

    2016 Postal Holidays

    Friday, January 1 New Year’s Day
    Monday, January 18 Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Monday, February 15 Washington’s Birthday
    Monday, May 30 Memorial Day
    Monday, July 4 Independence Day
    Monday, September 5 Labor Day
    Monday, October 10 Columbus Day
    Friday, November 11 Veterans Day
    Thursday, November 24 Thanksgiving Day
    Monday, December 26 Christmas Day (Observed)

    I think we should do away with MLK day, Washington's Birthday and Columbus Day and substitute Good Friday for longer Easter Weekend (could coordinate school spring breaks for families), Christmas Eve for longer Christmas Holiday (reduces stress and traffic during busy important time) and the Friday after Thanksgiving for longer Thanksgiving weekend (most traveled day of the year, reducing work traffic from holiday traffic).

    This also helps workers whose companies mirror these holidays to save paid vacation days for the participation in the holiday events.

    We used to celebrate Lincoln's birthday, well, we don't any more. So if we don't celebrate the birthday of the President who helped found the Republican Party, the President who ended slavery in the United States and would have established equal rights then for black Americans had he not been so rudely assassinated, then we don't need a holiday to celebrate anyone. We have Black History Month, so Martin Luther King can be honored then for the whole month. Columbus Day honors the discovery of America, it's in dispute, Columbus was Italian working for a Spanish Queen, it was a great journey, but as truth unfolds he was not a great person, so we can find other ways to honor our history if we want to.

    So what you do think? I think we should keep the number of federal holidays but make them more meaningful and more helpful to American Workers, most of whom never get a day off for any of the birthdays or Columbus Day, only banks and government workers get these holidays, we need holidays that benefit far more Americans, reduce stress, saves vacation days, helps union and factory workers, and reduces work traffic during busy holiday weekends which saves lives. Plus it would also spur the economy because the more people who can enjoy the holiday, the more consumption that benefits our retailers and as we rebuild our manufacturing, more US producers. More holidays that are observed by more people, the more spending, travel and so forth so there's a substantial economic benefit to changing these holidays as described above. It also helps more families get together at these important times of Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas when you have the extra day to travel to be together during that holiday.

    Comments if you have any. Thanks!
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