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Feminist Governor Gavin Newsom Tells Axios: “Hyper-Masculinity” Will Push Republicans to “Third Party” Status in 10-15 Years (VIDEO)

June 24, 2019, 7:29 pm by Jim Hoft 129 Comments

Democrat Gavin Newsom is the progressive feminist governor of California.

Newsom introduced his wife at his inauguration as the “first partner” of the state of California to advance “gender equality.” Newsom also promised “sanctuary to all who seek it” in his inauguration speech.

Newsom has already pulled the national guard troops from the Mexican border — where Mexican cartels control the territory south of the border.

Earlier this month Newsom extended health benefits to illegal aliens in the state.

This past weekend Governor Newsom told Axios that “hyper-masculinity” will make Republicans a “third party” in 10-15 years.

Open borders may make Republicans a “third party” if Democrats keep the border open for the next few years.

Here is feminist Gavin Newsom trashing Trump and Republicans.

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