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Thread: Filmmaker at Bundy Standoff Demands Answers From Reid: “That Place Looked Like Afghan

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    Filmmaker at Bundy Standoff Demands Answers From Reid: “That Place Looked Like Afghan

    Filmmaker at Bundy Standoff Demands Answers From Reid: “That Place Looked Like Afghanistan!”

    April 17, 2014

    "That man, I want an explanation from him," documentarian Dennis Michael Lynch said of Nevada Senator Harry Reid.

    Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, called supporters of the Bundy ranching family "domestic terrorists" in recent remarks.

    Lynch told Kelly File host Megyn Kelly that he had witnessed firsthand the armed standoff between agents from the Federal Bureau of Land Management and local militia and citizen supporters that occurred a few days ago.

    "I want to know why it is that I had M-16 [rifles] pointed at my face," he sternly added.

    “He’s no greater than any other person in this country," Lynch stated.

    Listen to the full account of his experiences above.

    Video at the Page Link:

    The Kelly File
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    Harry Reid's comments are more than hyperbole. They are part of a long range strategy to fabricate a public perception of patriots as irresponsible and dangerous and therefore legitimate objects of government repression. It is Harry Reid who ought to be censured as irresponsible, dangerous. When someone with Reid's power starts equating legitimate citizen protesters with terrorists, he is using the language of despots. Notice how this charge of "fanatics" or "terrorists" or "extremists" is being repeated more and more frequently by the Democrats and thus implanted into to the obsequious Obama "news" media. The Marxist Obama "news" media functions to amplify the lies and distortions of the political hard left Dem Party. The key is repetition until the gullible low information voters start believing and saying what they have incessantly heard.

    This is how a good and decent man like Barry Goldwater (the grandson of a Jew) was thought of as a neo Nazi by ignorant and gullible voters. That,together with RINO sabotage and complicity in repeating the "extremist" smears of the Democrats, cause the humiliating defeat of a courageous statesman. It was Mitt Romney's daddy, George, who made a speech during the Republican convention denouncing "extremism" in the Republican Party. This, of course, was at the height of the despicable lies being spread and magnified in the "news" media alleging Goldwater was a dangerous fanatic.

    The best way to deal with these Marxist inspired lies is to expose them for the deception they are. No body likes being lied to and manipulated. Don't ignore Reid's trash mouth. Use it to expose him as a dangerous, manipulating, power drunk political hack. A very dangerous man to be feared and exposed by everyone who cherishes the freedom that freedom of speech makes possible.
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