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Thread: Former Obama Official Bashes His Boss for “Colossal” Syria Blunder

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    Former Obama Official Bashes His Boss for “Colossal” Syria Blunder

    Former Obama Official Bashes His Boss for “Colossal” Syria Blunder

    Posted On 20 Feb 2017
    By : admin

    Retired General Jim Jones, who served as Barack Obama’s first national security adviser, criticized his former boss for blunders that led to the devastating, prolonged civil war in Syria that rages to this day. In an interview with CNN, Jones did not mince words when discussing Obama’s failure to back up his tough talk with action.

    “The failure to enforce the red line back in the previous administration was a colossal mistake from a strategic standpoint,” said Jones.
    The general, who is reportedly being considered by President Trump to replace Michael Flynn in the very position he held under the previous president, said Obama’s error weakened U.S. ties in the Middle East and Western Europe.

    “It was a mistake to draw a red line on a certain issue and then fail to follow up on it in any meaningful way, and that caused a lot of loss of confidence in the will of the United States in this very important part of the world,” Jones said. “I know of no part of the world that’s more important from a security standpoint to us and to our friends in Europe and indirectly to the NATO alliance.”

    Jones said that Obama would have been better served to implement penalties on the Assad regime after the Syrian dictator deployed chemical weapons.

    “At the very least, the penalty for Bashar al Assad for having used chemical weapons on his own people should have been the forfeit of a piece of his territory where refugees could have been handled and might have prevented the flow of refugees into Europe,” Jones said.

    This is a piece of history that the media is ready to forget, but you can’t tell the tale of the Obama era without it. As much as the former president wanted to make himself look like a champion for Syrian refugees, his own terrible decisions caused much of the chaos in the failing state. Were it not for his blunders, thousands of Syrians who were killed in the civil war might be alive today. The refugee crisis might have been prevented before it turned into an unprecedented mess.

    There are a lot of reasons why liberals are so distraught over Donald Trump, but one of the biggest is that they never got the truth about President Obama. Taking all of their cues from the mainstream media, they still labor under the impression that he was a wonderful president who led us out of the dark Bush years and into a period of peace and prosperity. If the Obama administration had been covered fairly, millions of confused Americans would understand why we so desperately needed a dramatic change in direction. As former Obama officials start telling the truth about the last eight years, perhaps the bloom will finally come off the rose.
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    I'm still not convinced that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. Has anyone really investigated this claim? I don't think they have.
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    It would seem obama also wanted years of war to spread islam to the west thru "refugees". Also Sweden is filled with Iraqi refugees too so both wars have spread islam - how convenient for muslims as that is one of their goals.

    A safe zone should have been initiated long time ago by UN with full backing from other countries. Instead the muslim head of UN Refugee Resettlement spread them to the west by the millions - another example of "how convenient"
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    It was planned you can count on it.
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