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Thread: FULL Speech HD: Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Beaumont, TX (11-14-15)

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    FULL Speech HD: Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Beaumont, TX (11-14-15)

    FULL Speech HD: Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Beaumont, TX (11-14-15)

    Right Side Broadcasting

    Published on Nov 14, 2015
    November 14, 2015: GOP Presidential candidate and front-runner Donald Trump spoke to thousands at a rally in Beaumont, TX at the Ford Park Arena.

    FULL Speech: Donald Trump ROCKS Beaumont, TX (11-14-15)

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    trump is 100 % right in every thing he said good luck

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    Hopefully Trump has regained his momentum. If we can all join together and keep his momentum growing it will be an easy victory for him as everybody else jumps on a winner’s bandwagon (many people get swept up in the perception of a powerful movement). A Trump victory will become a“self fulfilling prophesy. ” And we could carry that excitement and momentum through the general election to victory.

    That is why I get so angry with Ben Carson and his supporters because they do a lot of damage when they slow down or disrupt the momentum of Trump’s campaign.

    It seems the major reason for the sudden rise in Carson’s poll numbers is support from evangelical Christian. Here, once again we have “conservatives” who ought to be our allies working at cross purposes to patriots fighting for national sovereignty. I bitterly resent this. Evangelicals are often so naïve. Pray hard and Jesus will come and fix everything. No need to get all tired out fighting for freedom, besides that is nothing compared to ending abortion. Many fundamentalist Christians have a really hard time understanding what ought to be a priority. Who wants to vote for that mean old Donald Trump when we have this nice soft spoken Ben Carson with his bible and innocent smile. Let us all vote for the nice man.

    This is why all fundamentalist Christians should support Donald Trump along with us: Trump is a fighter and fighters are tough which is often confused with being mean. We are not voting for Pope or the church minister, we are voting for whom will be in control of the most powerful secular institution in the World, the Presidency of the United States. Nice may feel good but it is irrelevant to whom should be president. We need a man who is familiar with power and knows how to use it effectively to get things done, and because Trump is a very successful business man he has a lot of experience with that.

    Trump is like Gen. George Patton. Patton was not the most popular general in WWII but he kicked the crap out of the German army and always won battles. Trump can be like that for us in politics. Who gives a damn if he is nice? although he probably is. If we don’t win nothing else will matter. Trump has repeatedly shown himself to be a winner.
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