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    General Public FYI Letter for ALIPAC Activist Use

    Here is another letter to the editor or for other uses for ALIPAC activists.

    I have heard from many friendly staffers that letters to the editor in Congressmen's districts or states is a very effective way to battle what is happening. Use this and post if you did, so others won't post in the same papers. If you do send a letter to the editor, they will call you to verify that you submitted it.

    There are shorter letters, too, in ALIPAC Activism and Focus Campaigns under 'Sample' Letters. ... forum&f=24

    How long will it be before the United States of America is simply a memory, an experiment in democracy that failed because we did not protect her borders or honor her laws? Look around carefully and commit to memory the country you see today because her greatness is waning in the wake of politicians and others with selfish agendas designed to destroy her.

    The President and Congress have refused to secure our borders, despite the fact that open borders are an invitation to terrorists. We can fight a war in Iraq, but we cannot seal our borders.

    The President and Congress have allowed 20 million people to enter the United States illegally. Why? Congress is reaping huge benefits from lobbying groups, such as the Chamber of Commerce who spent $72 million lobbying in 2006 for this cheap labor while suppressing American wages.

    If you think you are paying enough in taxes or are worried about the national debt. Beware. Currently the American taxpayer, according to Robert Rector, is paying $22,449 per taxpayer per year for low-skilled, predominantly illegal laborers. Americans are about to pay a fortune in welfare and other benefits—the costs of amnesty and a massive guest worker program under any of the proposed immigration legislation is expected to be trillions of dollars in new taxes and debt.

    Approximately 4,000 Americans are killed by illegal aliens every year. Unnecessary deaths, a direct result of Congress’ and the President’s failure to protect Americans in their own country from people with no right to be here.

    Our natural resources are at risk of depletion. Congress wants to legalize people who have broken our laws by entering the country illegally. Robert Rector estimates the total influx of people under any current or proposed legislation to be around 4 million in a decade.

    Once “immigration reform” is passed, President Bush is going to sign an agreement, known as the Social Security Totalization Act with Mexico, providing Mexican workers and their families with our social security benefits whether they have paid into the system or not.

    Then, we have Bi-National healthcare. Taxpayers have the privilege of subsidizing Mexican healthcare costs.

    The STRIVE Act, under consideration in the House of Representatives, requires the securing of Mexico’s southern border. But, we cannot secure our own?

    Cities, such as Boston and Washington, D.C. want to give non-citizens voting rights. Do you want non-citizens with green cards and visas determining the future of your communities? Many do not speak English and have no allegiance to this country. And, it is impossible in this era of forged documents to determine who is here legally and who is not. Do we even know if legal non-citizens will be voting?

    How ashamed are you going to be when you must explain to your grandchildren how, under your watch, you let corrupt politicians and others with selfish intentions destroy their country, the United States of America? It will be a tale, I for one, will not want to tell.

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    you sure write a mean letter


    Will be using it over here. Thanx!!
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Why thank you!

    I'd like to be able to do sooo much more to stop this insanity--that's why we must get the word out to the public anyway we can!!!

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