German Cardinal: We need more German babies not 3rd world immigrants!

Finally a Christian leader who wants to preserve Western Civilization.

From UK Mail Online…

Women should stay at home and have three or four children to help solve Germany’s predicted population crisis, according to a cardinal.

Cardinal Joachim Meisner, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cologne, has criticised German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy of trying to attract immigrants to work in the country.

He said women should be encouraged to produce more children to increase the German population and said Merkel was using immigration to solve Germany’s demographic problems.

In a wide-ranging attack on Merkel’s policies, the cardinal told German newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung: ‘We are a dying people but have a perfect legislation for abortion. Is not that the suicide of society?’

Germany has the lowest birth rate in Europe at just 1.36 children per woman and forecasters predict the country’s 83million population will shrink to 70million by 2050 if the birth date does not increase.

Cardinal Meisner, 79, said: ‘Where are women really encouraged publicly to stay at home and bring three, four children into the world?

‘This is what we should do and not – as Mrs Merkel is doing now – only present immigration as a solution to our demographic problems,’ he said in an interview with Stuttgarter Zeitung.