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Thread: Gibboney to challenge Aguilar for Congress in 2020

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    Gibboney to challenge Aguilar for Congress in 2020

    Gibboney to challenge Aguilar for Congress in 2020

    Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney who is running against Congressman Pete Aguilar in the 31st congressional district.
    Highland Community News Photo by Jason Miller

    As the 2020 election heats up, the 31st congressional district occupied by Congressman Pete Aguilar is being challenged by Agnes Gibboney of Rancho Cucamonga.

    The district was originally part of Los Angeles County which included the city of Los Angeles and Hollywood until 2013 when the entire district was redistricted to San Bernardino County which covers Highland, Mentone parts of Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Rialto and San Bernardino.

    While this isn’t the first time Aguilar is being challenged, Gibboney is a novice to politics.

    If her name sounds familiar it is due to Gibboney being an Angel Mom, who has been a vocal supporter of President Trumps immigration policies. (An Angel Mom is a mother whose child was killed by an undocumented or illegal immigrant.) Her son Ronald da Silva, was gunned down by an illegal immigrant gang member Luis Gonzalez back in April 2002.

    Last month she announced that she would be running against Aguilar, she says democrats like Aguilar are “victimizing” illegal aliens and “does anyone care about the illegal aliens that are being victimized,” as democrats like to politicize their issues.

    Gibboney hopes she “Can bring some integrity back into the halls of congress.”

    When asked about how she would prevent another mass shooting event like what happened at the San Bernardino Inland Regional Center in December of 2015 Gibboney said, that the shooter “was under the radar of the FBI and they investigated him and let him go, so where was the breakdown?” When asked if she thought the FBI was the cause of that breakdown she said she didn’t know, but she believes someone dropped the ball. Gibboney likened the mass shooting to the U.S. citizens being killed by illegal aliens, saying
    “Where was Obama, where was any of the other presidents, where was any of these congressmen or congresswoman, when my son and other thousands of citizens are being killed by illegal aliens,” and “are they ever knocking on your door saying ‘my deepest condolences to you’, nobody cares.”

    Gibboney wants to address the nation-wide homeless issue by providing long-term facilities for the treatment of drug dependency and mental illness.
    She also believes that veterans who are leaving active duty deserve medical care from the VA that is “efficient and timely” and that military families shouldn’t have to go on “welfare to get by or receive sub-standard medical care.” Gibboney says she is willing to sit down collectively with veterans, and go over one thing at a time until we address all the problems.

    Gibboney also wants to reduce spending and the national deficit.
    She is also for term limits for congress saying that the limits would “prevent politicians from amassing too much power in Washington and becoming alienated from their constituents.”
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    Flip California RED, we cannot allow these rogue Governors and Mayors to continue their lawlessness that has now spilled over to the rest of our beautiful States.


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