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    Globally, Only One Nation’s Military Fires Weapons At Americans – Mexico

    Watch] Globally, Only One Nation’s Military Fires Weapons At Americans – Mexico

    Posted on 19 August, 2014
    by Rick Wells

    Border Patrol Agent and spokesperson Chris Cabrera is a guest of Stuart Varney on the Neil Cavuto program on Fox, in which he shares his views of the border situation and the impact of the National Guard deployment in Texas.
    He responds to a statement issued by the Mexican government which reads in part, “Texas deploying National Guard troops along the border ‘Deviates from the path of dialogue and cooperation.”

    Cabrera, who is the Vice-President of National Border Patrol #3307, recommends that Mexico “stay out of it” and “stick to their own business” when it comes to the Texas National Guard deployment. He says that they aren’t doing their part for security and have no authority to comment on our methods.

    Varney raises the point that Mexico has similar forces deployed on their side of the border, and questions whether or not the fact that we both have militarized forces deployed would increase the likelihood of armed confrontations between our two countries.

    Cabrera responds saying, “Yeah, well, you know we have a lot of cross-border shooting as it is already. We’ve had multiple incursions from their military and their national police crossing into our areas, they’ve done so in the past, they’ve done so recently and for some reason they never take responsibility for their actions.”

    Who would be the ones to hold them accountable, Obama and Johnson? That won’t happen. Their repeated firing upon our personnel and violating our sovereignty continues because there are no consequences, just as the invasion continues because those who engage in it are rewarded. The Mexican military is acting in conjunction, and probably in coordination with American policies, as established by the White House and DHS. For them impede the Mexican aggressions would be highly counter-productive to the goals.

    Varney mentions Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), the leader of the racist Hispanic Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives, who characterized the illegals as “’leaving behind men with guns in Central America and then met by men with guns in America.’ He says that ‘they are children, it’s not an invasion,’” and asks for Cabrera’s response.

    Cabrera says, “You know part of the crossing, we do have children crossing, however, we have a lot of criminals that are crossing, multiple repeat offenders, we’re having drug dealers, drug smugglers, we’re having a lot of bad people coming in. And unfortunately we live in a world where police forces need guns and I think he really just doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

    Cabrera may be being polite; Gutierrez knows what he is talking about. He knows full well that armed Mexicans are firing onto the American side of the border. It’s common knowledge and he is intimately involved in the importation of illegals. Saying it isn’t an invasion doesn’t change the reality; it’s merely a diversionary tactic. He is complicit. He is working to import as many illegals of every Hispanic stripe as he can to fulfill his racist agenda and the Mexican government and military are his allies in that effort.

    Cabrera says the Border Patrol Agents need to be returned to the border and allowed to do their jobs.
    As for the Texas National Guard deployment deviating from the path of dialogue and cooperation, it’s long since overdue. Talk is cheap and with the Obama administration, rarely honest or representative of American interests. Cooperating in the invasion of our nation is not something we should be engaged in. The condemnation of Texas’ actions, particularly in these terms, by Mexico, signals that we are finally doing something to benefit our own country and citizens.

    The United States has troops deployed around the globe. While some of the locations are hostile and dangerous, with insurgents firing upon our troops, including National Guardsmen, the only nation-state at this time which engages in firing upon U.S. forces is our supposed ally, Mexico.

    Not North Korea, not Iran, not Libya or Syria, not Russia or China. None of what are claimed to be our biggest threats and enemies internationally engages our American personnel in direct fire with theirs. Mexico alone holds that distinction and yet our feckless and corrupt government fails to respond, fails to recognize the threat and fails to hold them accountable.

    The reason Mexico is allowed to get away with attacking Americans is because they are allied with the subversive criminals within our government whose goal is to conquer our nation. Mexico is not a friend of the United States. They are one of our greatest threats, making it possible for undesirables to enter our country at will.

    They are only the allies of the subversive individuals and alliances who hold positions of power within our government at this critical point in our history. They will not be held accountable until we, the people, regain control of our government.

    <font color="#333333"><span style="font-family: Georgia">

    Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit

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