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Thread: Google, Facebook, Microsoft Lobbying Trump to Keep H1B Cheap Labor Visa Program

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    Google, Facebook, Microsoft Lobbying Trump to Keep H1B Cheap Labor Visa Program

    Google, Facebook, Microsoft Lobbying Trump to Keep H1B Cheap Labor Visa Program

    The Masters of the Universe want to import visa workers.

    Published 11 hours ago on May 22, 2020
    By Richard Moorhead

    300 of America’s most powerful corporations have signed onto a lobbying effort to pressure the Trump administration not to cut the H1B cheap labor visa program. Silicon Valley megacorporations Facebook and Google have signed onto a letter urging for visas to be maintained, and Microsoft has as well.

    The companies claim that their hiring needs reflect the ‘national interest’ and that they need to import hundreds of thousands of foreign college graduates to work for them.

    The undersigned represent employers that rely on a highly skilled, college-educated, science and engineering workforce, including non-immigrant professionals, to innovate, produce, research, develop, and lead.

    The abuse of the H1B visa system to replace American workers with cheaper and more compliant foreign visa workers is both extensive and well documented within the technology industry. The visa structure keeps its recipients dependent on their employer for legal status within the country, creating a form of de facto indentured servitude in which employers have near-complete control over the workers they sponsor for the visas.

    The visa system also enables major employers to depress wages within the American workforce, allowing companies to import workers from countries with vastly lower labor and living standards. President Donald Trump’s administration is considering suspending the program on an indefinite basis in the midst of the coronavirus recession to place American workers first again, lining up the nation’s professionals to reap the gains of economic recovery. Leading immigration patriot senators are pushing for the President to place the program on ice.

    Mark Krikorian @MarkSKrikorian

    "it was both surprising and encouraging to see one group that’s severely affected by the importation of foreign labor finally become self-aware and stand up for itself." …

    The Party’s Over — No More Guest(worker)s

    The H-1B program represents a threat to the life prospects of young Americans.

    8:17 PM - May 22, 2020

    The notion of doubling down on the hiring of new American workers- even as millions of Americans are driven into unemployment through the coronavirus recession- appears simply inconsiderable for the country’s wealthiest and most affluent technology companies. Instead, they appear to prefer a nonstop flow of cheap labor to drive up their comfortable profit margins even further.
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    No visas!

    Post the job openings on the Department of Labor website for 30 days and let American's apply!

    Many legal American citizens will relocate for work.

    American's pay taxes, earn paychecks, and spend our money on OUR soil.

    No more foreigners coming here taking our jobs.


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