GOP Didn’t Get the Message: Send It Again

E Pluribus UnumDecember 8, 2014

In the November election, America spoke – yet again – and the message could not have been more clear: Stop Obama and the Democrats and their out-of-control big government agenda. End ObamaCare. Stop Obama’s amnesty constitutional end-around. Democrats heard the message. Obama heard the message, and in the petulant fashion we’ve come to expect, he responded by hand-jamming amnesty down the throats of America, claiming some kind of imaginary “mandate” from the 40% of Americans who did not vote. The GOP, alas, did not get the message. This week it is time to send that message again.

Knowing that in January Republicans will own both House and Senate by virtue of a horde of newly elected conservatives, the House GOP intends to use the Lame Duck session – this week – to fund the government through next September, under terms pleasing to Democrats. In spite of the fact that they have both the Constitutional means and the mandate to stop Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty power grab, they will not stop it, nor delay the matter until January so that the new Republican majority can address it.

Establishment GOP: Serving Only Itself

This sort of thing has been the hallmark of the Republican Party in Washington DC since the Obama regime began, under the leadership of Boehner and McConnell. In the face of rapidly devolving state of constitutional governance, ordinary Americans have reacted by the only civilized means left to them, by gathering forces under the banner of the Tea Party and driving historic gains for Republicans in 2010 and 2014. This is how real Americans expressed themselves: and you Democrats can GFY if you don’t like hearing this, real Americans do not riot, loot, vandalize, and encourage sedition in order to protest perceived wrongs.
What has it gotten us? Republicans mock the Tea Party. They marginalize, undermine, or co-opt the people we send to Washington. Their fat-cat donors actively go after conservative primary candidates in order to assure that “their” kind of Republicans get elected and enjoy the majority status secured by Tea Party voters.
Meanwhile, the Democrats ransacking of this Republic goes virtually unchecked – the economy, the astounding increase in governmental intrusion into private lives, and one scandal after another, the racial turmoil spurred and fueled by the president and attorney general, and rising executive power that responds neither to the law nor the wishes of Congress or the people. And it’s perfectly clear that the Republicans in Washington have no interest in stopping it. The motives for this abdication of responsibility have been much discussed. For our purposes right now, suffice it to say that if we want Republicans to do what is needed, we Americans need to do a little more message-sending.

If a Mandate Won’t Move Them, Then Perhaps Fear Will

(h/t Weasel Zippers for this pic) We’d love to think that our elected Republicans vote and act on conservative principles. Some of them do – and they are famously the outcasts of the Republican Party. Most, however, respond to what their fat-cat donors want. They fear incurring the wrath of the liberal news media. They fear losing coveted committee assignments, which Boehner and McConnell use ruthlessly to keep members in line.

The other thing elected Republicans fear is when voters get mad enough to start calling in large numbers to congressional offices. Thank God. Americans already did this in 2007, when the Bushies tried to get amnesty passed. The phones rang of the wall, and they scared themselves into doing the right thing. So we know this gets results.

What You Can Do This Week

This thing appears to be going down late this week, so if you want to make a difference, here’s what you do.

  • You have a congressman and two senators. Call the offices of all three.
  • Call their office in Washington, and call every office in their home district. Below I’ll show a couple of easy ways to find the contact numbers.
  • I wouldn’t bother writing letters, or filling out a contact form on their website.
  • I also would not bother contacting any elected officials outside your own district. You’re not a constituent of theirs, and I’m pretty sure they won’t add your call to the numbers they are keeping.
  • Be very polite. We are not whiny, entitled, Democrats. We are trying to save the Republic. Although you’ll be talking to a staffer, they do have some influence with their boss. More importantly, these staffers are keeping count of how many callers are in favor or opposed to whichever issue is raised. If they get 10,000 calls in 2 days opposed to the amnesty surrender, you better know that gets back to their boss. The staffer might want to debate you or make the (possibly true) claim that their guy/gal is actually supporting the fight. It’s not really necessary to engage them, in fact I doubt seriously that it helps. Just make your point and thank them.
  • Stick to very simple points. I would suggest these:
    • In the Lame Duck, do not fund the government past January
    • Attach to the DHS funding a rider that forbids the use of funds to execute the president’s XO on amnesty.
    • A government shutdown is preferable to letting the president get his illegal amnesty.

Contact Numbers for Your Congressman and Senators

You can always call the capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121. They can direct you to the right office. I am told that 888-995-2085 also works. But I have the feeling that this week they’ll be swamped (heh, heh, heh) and you might not easily get through.

If you want all the numbers – for your representative’s Washington office, plus all their home district offices, this is by far a better source. Go to Click on your state, and it’ll give you everything you need.

Alright, Americans. Let’s do this.